Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alas, Poor Bowl, I Knew It Well, Horatio

Good Morning, Kittens!

I was actually busy at work yesterday (I know! WTF?), so I didn't have time to tell you all about my exciting Monday.

Lessee ... I woke up. And then I went to the dermatologist for an Annual Mole Check. If you have never had one (I never had), be advised: The doctor is *very* thorough.

Luckily, I have no mole-y melanomas. Yay! And he said that I don't really need an Annual Mole Check. More like an Every 3 to 4 Years Mole Check (Tri to Quadrennial Mole Check, I suppose).

Oh! I forgot to mention that on the bus ride to the Silver Spring metro station, I ran into a cute neighborhood gay. We've hung out before. He's supercute, young, not very bright, and *ahem* rather well-endowed. SO I'VE HEARD! We were totally like "we have to hang out again." So maybe we will later this week. ANYWAYz ...

After the appointment ended, I headed home and to Trader Joe's, where I spent a ridiculous amount of money. Then, I went to Whole Foods, because Trader Joe's doesn't carry canned pumpkin puree (and I need the canned pumpkin puree for a party I am having on Sunday. I am making Pumpkin Chili (although I will be modifying the recipe a smidge (namely because kidney beans = EW))).

After Whole Foods, I treated myself to Breakfast for Lunch (and a Mimosa) at Eggspectations in hip, happenin' Downtown Silver Spring. Then, I came home and did a little house stuff. Nothing too exciting.

That evening, I headed to the pottery studio ... where I discovered that my beautiful bowl (pictured above) had cracked. WAAAAH! So sad. Someone is not going to have a Merry Xmas now ;-) Somehow, through my devastation, I managed to throw two bowls ...

Future Yarn Bowls

Which I think I will turn into Yarn Bowls (like this, only not quite so hideous).

Home and, then, bed.

Tuesday, as I said, was busy-ish at work. My end of FY11 reporting will be coming due soon (even though we haven't received a due date, I am trying to get everything finished up). Plus, my final Energy Awareness Event is this morning. AND, I think my head might explode. Huzzah!

Oh, and during lunch break, I ran into another SuperCute Friend (who is -unfortunately- all boo'ed up). We made plans to have happy hour on Friday. Yayz!

Once home from work, I went for a 3 mile run. Cooked braised and glazed brussels sprouts for dinner. And avoided cleaning my house even though I am hosting a party on Sunday.

Have a great day!


  1. Only brussel sprouts for dinner and nothing else?

    Yay for being surrounded by the cute gays.

  2. I had never heard of yarn bowl, cool.
    That chili sounds good. I'll have to try it (with the kidney beans - yum).

  3. I use black beans when I make chili. Pumpkin sounds like a tasty addition though. Maybe I should get a bit more experimental.