Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week(end) Update: Silk Purse Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I know. I know. I have been remiss in my blogging duties. BUT, I have a good excuse:

Life sucks. And who wants to hear bad news?*

ANYWAY, so things with J have been in a holding pattern whilst he recovers from a rather unpleasant illness ... which explains why he was AWOL for the past week. I have learned that, when someone to whom I am becoming emotionally attached drops off the face of the planet, I become a Crazy Stress Monster.

Combine that with a Helluva Shitstorm happening at work (that may -or may not- involve me leaving my position .... mostly b/c I am tired of dealing with the crap ... but I have to find another job first. Tricky) and you have someone (meaning me) who spent the latter part of the week and most of the weekend in a boozy boozy haze of booziness (not during the workday, mind you. just after work).

On the plus side, out of desperation sprung a fantastic new (to me) cocktail. A riff on Gayprof's fab Tequila Gimlet (2 oz tequila, 1 oz Rose's Lime Juice, shake with ice), I created the Oh My God That's a Lot of Tequila Gimlet: 3.5 oz of tequila, 0.5-.75 oz lemon juice, maple syrup, shake with ice).

I drank a lot of those. I am out of maple syrup.

ANYWAY, I did nothing over the weekend except eat and drink and watch Mad Men Season 4. Tomokito and I shared a bottle of prosecco. And I had a boozy lunch with SCGB on Sunday.

Oh, I went for a run on Sunday of about 7 miles. Ow. My kneez.

AND, I registered for the Army 10-Miler (October 9th). It looks like October is going to be the Month o' Running with the 10-Miler and the the Marine Corps Marathon 10K at the end of the month. I hope my knees don't explode or anything. That would be bad.

THEN, on Monday, I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. Considering that I have not been to the dentist in over 10 years, the news was pretty heartening. I have relatively healthy gums (as long as I continue to floss and brush well). And, only 4 cavities. Which may sound like a lot. But remember, 10 YEARS! (Holds up both hands in the manner of Charlotte in Sex and the City The Movie**). Two of the cavities are on wisdom teeth. So I have the option of filling or removing my wisdom teeth. Even though the possibility of really good drugs is tempting, I opted for the fillings. Hurrah.

After the dental appointment, the fun began.

I met the lovely and talented ShallowGal for Boozy Lunch in Georgetown. It was boozy. And fun. and then ShallowGal bought us cupcakes. Nom.

I went home and took a nap. When I got up, I ironed (3 shirts!). Then, J called. Yay! I hadn't heard from him since an email on Friday morning. He filled me in on what had been happening (and offered to provide a doctor's note. cute).

Then, I walked to Downtown Silver Spring, where I met the lovely and fabulous Clio Bluestocking for boozy dinner at Mandalay. It was boozy! and delicious!

Then, I came home. Puttered around the old homestead, and went to bed.

The End.


*Based on the number of comments left on a good news post vs. a bad news post, I'm going to venture that most of my readers do ;-) (I kid because I love. *smooches*)
**Please tell me you got that reference.


  1. Yay for getting the call from J, although boo for him being sick. Although YAY for feeling better!


  2. rn terri10:00 AM

    Glad you are back! Will have to try your drink recipe.....

  3. The Tequila Gimlet has both Rose's lime and real lemon juice. Yours looks delightful too.

    Boo to life stress! Yay for healthy recoveries.

  4. Serious boo to life stresses. I finally did the dentist thing after 10 years (at least...) and have the wisdom teeth issue. My dentist wants to pull them, but I figured I've survived this long with them, I'd probably rather keep them (and, apparently there are issues with old fogies such as ourselves having wisdom teeth removed - like the gaping holes where the teeth were don't always close, and fun stuff like that...).

    Anyhoo, sound like a lot of tequila to me! :-)

    -Dr. Liz (not Fiona the dog, who is hoping beyond hope that I will let her go wrestle her sister in the sleet and mud. Not so much...)

    PS: my verification word is 'blobe' - I'm guessing that's the Olde English spelling of 'blob'! :-)

  5. Do yourself a favor and go here:


    And ditch the Rose's so-called lime juice. I haven't tried it with Tequila, but with either gin or vodka, the lime cordial (with ginger) is to die for.

  6. TED: I totally agree with you about homemade lime cordial. The thing I personally dislike about Rose's Lime Juice is the dreaded High Fructose Cornsyrup (which gives it that suspiciously syrupy taste). I hear in Canada it is still made with real sugar.

    Sometimes, though, one is lazy and doesn't feel like making their own.