Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pizza and Prosecco

Good morning, kittens!
Just a quick update to assure you that all is well in Vutopia.  Ok, reasonably well, at least.  I have the same complaints about work, but I'm still having fun with SuperCute J ... not that we've been able to meet up since Sunday, but we have talked on the phone every night.  Of course, that means that I am going to be a little later than usual.  Which means, that I am a little crankier than usual in the morning.  Also, I haven't been sleeping very well.  I think my room is too hot and there is too much on my mind ... too much on my mind that I really can't share with anyone (yet).
Meanwhile, yesterday, I went on a tour of the still-under-construction (potentially) LEED Gold Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.  It was pretty interesting.  I'd like to see it again when it is completed (in August).  Then, on my way home from work, I got a text from K-Factor.  She was all "I am home from work early.  Do you want to play?  Drinks?  Dinner?  What do people do when they are home this early?" We ended up sharing a bottle of prosecco and a spinach, feta, and tomato pizza from Manny and Olga's.  Nom nom nom.  J called while I was still there and I said we were having a "p" party. (Y'know.  Pizza and Prosecco).  We sort of realized at the same time that there was an alternate meaning.  And laughed.  Not into that.  Fer sure.
As we were hanging up, J said "Enjoy your P 'n' P*."  And we had another chuckle. 
After hanging out with Kristi for a bit (and discovering that there is a pottery studio practically right around the corner from our building ... it's still not as cheap as UMD, but it's much more convenient.  I may check it out sometime, if K-Factor stops taking pottery with me), I headed back downstairs.  SCGB texted asking if he could borrow my iShuffle charger.  I found it ... and borrowed a tie for today (I needed one that was a solid light blue).
Then, as I was going to bed, J called back.  We talked.  I went to sleep.  The end.
Not much on the agenda for today.  I need to do laundry when I get home.  And motivate to organize my life.
Have a great day!
*for those of you not hip to the lingo, I shall explain.  "PNP" can stand for "party and play," which is basically do drugs (or poppers) and have crazy sex.  Don't you feel educated now?


  1. or the Pukes and Poops, which sometimes happen after a good night of Party and Play

  2. I always understood it as "poppers n play". Either way, not at all my scene.