Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update: Boozy Good Times Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a friggin' (mostly) awesome weekend!

On Friday, there was a slight change of plans. I left work a little early and metro'ed up to Wheaton (WHEATON!), where I met J at the Dunkin' Donuts. Then, we walked around the Mall Formerly Known as Wheaton Plaza. It's called something else now. I bought the Harry Potter 6 DVD for $9. Suh-WEET.

Then, we decided to eat dinner at this SuperYUMMY Thai restaurant that I knew (Suporn Restaurant). One problem. IT HAS BEEN CLOSED FOREVER!!! OMG. So. Sad. We saw a Thai place across the street and decided to eat there. AND, O to the M to the G. It was so friggin' delicious. YUMMERz. I might even be tempted to go back to Wheaton (WHEATON!) to eat there.

Then, J went to his Mom's house and I went home and fell asleep on my sofa whilst watching HP6.

Saturday, I woke up early(ish) and went for a 5-6 mile run.

Then, I met my friend, SuperCute CJ, for brunch at Eggspectations. I had many bloody marys. And some awesome eggs and latkes. Nom nom nom.

I spent the rest of the day planning my outfit for the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington (GMCW) Spring Gala. I looked fabulous, btw.

I left the house around 4:45 and bussed to the condo where SCGB was house/cat-sitting. We pre-gamed and then walked to the Gala.

OMG. The Gala was so much fun. Booze! Food! Interesting people! We met this SuperCute couple from New Zealand. And there was a Silent Auction. I may (or may not) have won a movie package to the Avalon Theater ... I don't know b/c I haven't heard anything and my credit card hasn't been charged. Maybe someone overbid me, but when I checked with 5 minutes left, I was the winning bid ($30 ... the pkg was valued at $50).

There was dancing!

Such a good time (see after party pic at the top of the post). Somehow I gained a sparkly top hat.

ANYWAY, I hopped on the Metro home.

Sunday morning? Very. Hung. Over. I was useless for most of the day. But I did manage to (a) vacuum, (b) take out some recycling, (c) clean the litterbox, (d) straighten up my bedroom, (e) hang up my suit, (f) weed the flower bed, and (g) walk to the Whole Foodz ...

WHERE, I "accidentally" bumped into J. He came over for a little while. It was very fun (and there may -or may not- have been some Quality Nekkid Time).

After he left, I ironed lots and lots of shirts. Had a martini. And made a veggie burger for dinner.

Overall, a pretty fan-fucking-tastic weekend.
Many thanks to SCGB (who got me invited to the Gala) and to J (who, well, y'know ...)

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, to be sure. This morning I had a dream we were having brunch and you were telling me about your weekend in a voice so deep it was like Lurch's. :D

  2. It sounds like an ideal weekend to me.

  3. Suporn is closed? The horror! I used to love that place. What was the name of the Thai place you ended up going to?

  4. @Nancy It's called Nava Thai. It's across the parking lot from where Suporn used to be ...