Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Update: Kind of Relaxing Edition

Good Monday Morning, Kittens!
You may remember that I was planning to have a relaxing, uneventful weekend ... and I did!  Sort of.
Friday, after work, I ran a few errands (likker store!  Whole Foods!).  And, then, settled in for a quiet evening at home with (organic) box mac 'n' cheese (+ broccoli).  Tomokito came down and we had prosecco (and, then, some red wine).  Good times!
Saturday morning, I woke up kind of early and went for a 5 mile run.  When I got back, I planted some flower seeds - cosmos, sunflowers, and poppies.  Then I remembered I had some other seeds that my mom had sent me for my birthday, so I planted those too: potulaca, spider lily, cock's comb, oregano, and cilantro.  We shall see if any of them come up.
I cleaned up and went to the Farmer's Market, where I bought lots of little plants - basil (2), lemon basil, purple basil, rosemary, thyme, and jalapeno and habenero peppers. 
I am so garden-y.
Then, the best thing that happened all weekend happened.  J came over.  He's still recovering from some sort of illness/cold.  We were supposed to go into DC, but he was not feeling up to it.  We ended up on the sofa watching episodes of Mad Men Season 1.  And making out.  And eating pizza.  And there may have been some other "stuff" too.  He told me that he found my blog (via my flickr account).  But, said that because it was more of a personal journal he had stopped reading it.  I told him it was fine to read it if he wanted.  I mean, really.  I'm not going to say anything here that I wouldn't say to him in person.  (That is, until he dumps me and I'm all hurt and I spew forth the bitter I've been dumped vitriol. ( am sort of kidding about this.))  Even though he is SuperCute, he hates having his picture taken.  I did manage to take this one.  Super!Cute! *swoonz*
He left around 10:30 ... I read and waited up 'til he texted that he was home safe and sound.  Then, I crashed.
Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  The kiln is *still* broken.  WTF?  The woman at the desk said they are having trouble getting the repairperson out to fix it.  Bah.  I hope it will be fixed by the time the summer session starts!
Once I got home, I ironed like a crazy person.  I did not iron ALL the things, Clio Bluestocking, but I did iron 9 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  Oh, on Saturday, my SuperCute Slimfit Cargo Pants from Uni-Qlo arrived.  Love them!  There's a photo on my facebook page (but I can't figure out how to get a link for you. Sorryz).
At around 4PM, Tomokito came down for blueberry margaritas. K-Factor and the Canadian joined us later. 
And, I closed out the evening by finishing, perhaps, the most depressing book ever, "The Surrendered" by Chang Rae Lee.  It was a beautifully written book, but OMG the tragedy of the characters' lives.  *sigh*
I guess that's about it.
Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    vuboq - your new beau IS supercute - i like his glasses. i also like the picture of you at trial in your kentucky derby hat and big smile! did you have work done on your cheekbones?

    scgb's s

  2. rn terri10:05 AM

    J IS supercute!

  3. I take his Angela Lansbury discovery of your blog as a sign of keen interest in you. One doesn't spend time poking around the internet on people we find uninteresting.

  4. Oh, so you were, like, serious about wanting me to iron ALL of your things, too?

    Nine shirts and two pants sound like ALL the things to me!

    SuperCute, indeed, and sleuthy about you, too. GayProf is right. He's interested.

  5. Supercute inDEED! And he's a lit professor, right? So he's intelligent and can carry a conversation. *SIGH* I am muy envious! Good for you, sweetie.


  6. I'm on the SuperCute bandwagon.

    Good luck with the garden. I hope you post pictures of the blooms when they come up.