Thursday, May 26, 2011


Good morning, kittens.
Yesterday was quite eventful!
I can't go into too many details (because I don't want to get dooce'd), but ... one of my supervisors blew up in a meeting, physically threatening a colleague and accusing two people of lying to him. (I was not in the meeting so this is all hearsay, of course).  Yeah, he was escorted from the building later. Today's morning staff meeting should be a Jolly Good Time.  And I'm wondering if our afternoon meeting is even going to happen (the supervisor is in charge of leading that meeting). 
I also had a boozy milkshake with lunch.
Once home, I had a well-deserved slightly dirty and very dry martini.  Then, I did laundry.  Good times.
Tonight, I am supposed to have a late date with SuperCute J.  We have had bad luck with Thursday dates.  Every single one we have planned has had to be cancelled. We shall see if this date breaks the curse or continues the streak.  Any bets?
AND, today is my Friday.  Oh, yeah.  4-day weekend!  Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment.  Saturday is Afternoon Margaritas and Bar-Hopping in celebration of the birthdays of Tomokito and Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  I have no plans for Sunday or Monday.  Perhaps I will hang out with J (who is possibly being introduced to the friends on Saturday!).
Have a great day!  and a wonderful weekend (if I don't update again)!


  1. Vuboq has all the fun.

    Work drama. Cute boys. Happy hours.
    That damn Adega - wish I had one.

    Update us on the G Jury.......

    Happy Weekend ( I am sure that gubmint contractors as you get 9.8 days off, correct???? )


  2. Ooh work drama is always fun. Four day weekend makes me seethe with jealousy.

  3. Are you kidding me?!!? I've had some strange HR incidents, but never any physical threats. I'm curious to see how this unfolds.

    I too am on vacation! I'm out until June 6th! YAY! Tomorrow, I board a plane to Disney. Can't wait to get out of Dodge.

  4. Well even if the Thursday date didn't go well, at least you've got a 4 day weekend and...J may be meeting friends? Ooooh, good for him. And for your friends. :)


  5. A boozy milkshake? Sounds delicious. Hope your Thursday with SCJ wasn't canceled. So who makes the cake for Mike (Who Makes Cakes)?

    Cheers to your long weekend!