Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oh, Right. I Haz Blog.

Good afternoon, Kittens.
I know, I know.  I have been bad blogger.  BUT, I have a good excuse.  Last night I was planning on writing a massive blog post (with photos!) about my weekend ... David! Kylie!  NYC!  Grand Jury!  Uni-Qlo!
However, as we have all learned, the best laid plans o' mice and VUBOQ gang aft agley.  Of course, last night they totally gang aft agleyed in a Very Good Way. 
Around lunchtime yesterday, I received a text from J.  He had dinner plans with his family and suggested coming to my place afterwards.  He arrived around 8.  I was still cooking dinner.  I ate.  We had vesper martinis.  Then, we watched some of Mad Men Season 1.  And, there may have been some making out and fun cuddly times on the sofa.  He left around 10:30. 
We are going out again on Thursday.  Cinco de Mayo!  Hm.  Maybe we should celebrate by eating Chinese.
So, anyway, now maybe you can understand why I didn't blog my weekend last night.  I will soon! 
Have a great day!


  1. Chinese on Cinco de Mayo sounds about right.

  2. Hurray for Chinese on Cinco de Mayo. We usually have Thai that day and Chinese on St. Patrick's day (aka the best day of the year.

    Looking forward to hearing about your weekend adventures : ).

  3. Blogging about making out with a SuperCute guy is totally a higher priority than blogging about a busy weekend! :)