Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Life So Far

Good morning, kittens.
I am one v. tired v.uboq this morning.  I woke up at 3 this morning to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't fall back asleep.  I am blaming recently giving up the night-time Percocets for this calamity. 
So ... lessee ... what has been going on in Vutopia?  Hm.  On Sunday, I ventured out of the house to attend a social event for the first time since the surgery.  The German and His Wife held a yummy holiday brunch.  It was fun.  Interacting with people after prolonged solitude was difficult.  and weird. 
After brunch, I met a friend for a late lunch at Alero in Dupont Circle.  That was fun as well.  At the end of lunch, he offered to drive me back to Silver Spring.  Huzzah.  Except we spent over an hour walking around trying to find his car.  He couldn't remember where he had parked.  I was tired and my butt hurt, so I took the bus home.  He texted later to say that he eventually found his car ... we had walked by it at least twice.  Srsly.  Ugh.
And, yesterday was my first day back at work.  I didn't do much but catch up on a bunch of stuff.  I was very glad when 5PM rolled around.  It was a long day.  I was tired, but at least I wore cute new(ish) shoes. I came home, made some chili, read for a bit, and went to bed.
Oh, my exciting life.
Have a great day!


  1. Not terribly exciting, granted, but I didn't hear that it was extremely painful, so that's a good thing, right?


  2. Your friend sounds like my mother.

  3. Welcome to sleep patterns of the menopausal!
    PS Merry Christmas Hope Santa heals your fanny for Christmas!