Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally Friday

Good Afternoon, my Fine Young Kittens!
I had my post-op doctor's appointment this morning.  And, it was the fastest freakin' doctor's appointment I've ever had.  My appointment was at 9:30AM.  I got there around 9:15.  Before I had even settled in to the waiting room, they called me back.  Doctor came in.  Talked.  Left.  Done. and, I was running to catch a 9:30 bus to the metro station.
As for the actual appointment, there was much good news.  No cancer.  Very low chance of future cancer.  Healing nicely.  Huzzah!  Someone is having a martini (or two ... or, y'know, seven) tonight!  Let's hope that we are done with this mess for a long, long while.
And, my bloggy gift exchange recipient received his package yesterday.  AND, it arrived in one piece ... as opposed to several pieces, which has been known to happen when I have shipped the breakables in the past.  *whew*  I wonder when I will be getting my package?  And what (or who?!?!) will be in it?
As for my exciting weekend plans, I believe I already shared with you that I will be heading up to the City of the Brothers Who Love on Saturday morning for an afternoon and evening of holiday boozing and celebrating.  The Candy Cane Vodka is ready for the trip!  It tastes like candy canes ... and vodka.  I can't wait.
Tonight, we finish work at 4 (yay!). I am meeting a friend for drinks/food in Columbia Heights at 6:30.  Should be fun.
And, on Sunday, I plan on sleeping late and then doing fun stuff like ironing and grocery shopping.  Oh, the good times.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yay for healing and no cancer!

    Have a martini in my name.

  2. That's fantastic news! Hurray and phew! Enjoy the candy cane vodka : ).