Thursday, December 01, 2011

Here We Go Again

Good afternoon, kittens!
Sorry all has been quiet on the Vuboqern Front recently.  Not much exciting has happened since the Weekend and the Day of the Giving of Thanks.  I've mostly spent my days working and my evenings drinking and running errands (not always in that order).
Tomorrow morning, I am having *another* surgery.  UGHZ.  According to the surgeon, one in ten people need a follow-up procedure.  Hurrah.  I am lucky.  I have to be at the hospital at 8AM.  The surgery is scheduled for 10.  Hopefully, I will be back home and in some sort of Percocet Haze by around 1. 
I have taken all of next week off to recover.  The surgeon also said that the follow-up surgeries usually aren't as bad, so I may not need the whole time.  We'll see.
I am hoping that I will be able to do a lot of the following:
-Blobbing on the sofa
-Watching lots and lots of DVDs (I now own all 8 Harry Potter DVDs)
-Knitting (I have 4 projects that I need to get to work on: finishing up the Panda Scarf, working on the seamless sweater, starting a sock to match the one I finished months ago, and casting on of the Dragon Scarf)
-Job hunting
-Cleaning up the spare room (at least getting my files organized for my taxes)
-Drawing StickSteven's 2011 Annual Holiday Letter
-AND, experimenting with Percocet Cocktail Recipes.
Have a great rest of the day! 
And, I'll provide updates later this weekend, I'm sure.

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  1. Wow. A week off work is awesome, but to be recovering from surgery at the same time sucks.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow, VUBOQ!