Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update: Giving Thanks/Drinking Booze Edition

Good morning, kittens!
What a wacky, booze-filled weekend I just had ... So, on Wednesday, we got out of work early (3PM!). Yay!  I went home.  Blobbed and did laundry.  Who knows how to have a rockin' good time?  Oh, yeah.  That would be me.
On Thursday (aka Thanksgiving), I gathered with a group of friends and neighbors and we ran a 10K through downtown Silver Spring and Sligo Creek Park.  It was a lot of fun. The weather was awesome.  We finished in just under an hour, and, then, after cleaning up, we had brunch at K-Factor and the Canadian's place.  There was much mimosas.
At 1PM, I had to leave the brunch and quickly cook brussels sprouts for dinner at Brian's house in DC.  They said to meet at 3.  I figured we would have drinks and appetizers followed by dinner around 5 or so.  I arrived at 3:30, and everyone was sitting at the table ready to eat.  srsly?  I was still full (and a little drunk) from brunch.
After dinner, we watched a movie, Crazy Stupid Love.  It was cute, but I started to get a champagne hangover.  I left around 6, got home at 7, and blobbed on the sofa for the rest of the evening.
Friday, I did nothing.  Tomokito and I went out for afternoon drinks around 3. That was fun.
Saturday, our building had a Leaf Raking Party.  Yay. Raking leaves.  So much fun.  (not really).
That evening, I headed to Mike (Who Makes Cakes)'s house for pizza.  My ex, Y, was visiting from NYC, and he brought his new BF.  I was relieved that I am much cuter than the new BF, who -while nice enough- seems youngish and a little chubby.  And, as GayProf wisely said, "Fat and young now means fatter and older later." Apparently, we are cruel bitches.
Sunday, I put up my Xmas decorations, lights in the window and the purple! tinsel! tree!  I ironed a metric shit-ton of shirts. Then, Tomokito came down for afternoon cocktail hour.
And, I spent the evening blobbing and dreading work today.
Good times!
Have a great day!


  1. Hey -- I call 'em like I see 'em.

  2. Gayprof made me LOL. I think we should make our annual NYC spring trip in tandem. What do you think? OR maybe it's time Serge saw DC.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

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