Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Update: Fun with Cupcake Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens!

Happy Monday! I am so glad that I am not working today! Yay me!

My (extra-long, four-day) weekend has been SuperAwesome.

Thursday, after work, I had my hairz did. Then, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner at El Guapo. Spinach! Enchiladas! YAY! Then, I went home.

On Friday, I mostly blobbed about all day. K-Factor and I had boozy lunch at Adega. I took a nap. That evening, I had a date with V. You may remember V as the guy from a few weeks ago who I went out with, had four cocktails on an empty stomach and ended up having a little too much fun in his car in my building's parking lot.

WELL, this time, I thought to eat. And still had a cocktail or two. But, had enough sense to bring it inside. We had some good times *wink wink nudge nudge*

On Saturday morning, I did a little (very little) cleaning and tidying. Around 3PM, my former neighbor (who used to be referred to as DUN, but isn't diagonally upstairs anymore) and her brother, SCGB, came over for a visit. K-Factor and Tomokito and (no longer a baby) Baby Hana joined us. Boozy good times.

Then, I threw them all out and got on the Metro to my co-worker's house-warming in Germantown (or Gaithursburg?). Her house is HUGE! I think the turn-out was not as large as she hoped, but I still had fun. AND, they drove me home. HUZZAH! That was much better than a drunken hour-long Metro ride.

Sunday morning. Very. Hung.Over. BUT, I still managed to make it to pottery studio, where I managed to throw 3 not-completely-horrible bowls:

Trio of Bowls

I blobbed for a bit longer, and, then, I headed into the city to meet the SuperFantastic Ryan(WithCupcake). OMG! He is SUCH the nice guy. See:

We had drinks at Nellie's (which was surprisingly crowded and way too noisy for me. What can I say? I am old). Then, we walked to Busboys and Poets for dinner. Nom! For dessert, we had pumpkin ice cream. It was delicious! (and had bits of crust in it, which was weird).

I went home. Ryan(WithCupcake) went to meet up with his fellow conference attendees.

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment to check my vitamin levels. Everything seems to be in order with the supplements I am taking. But, my blood pressure is ridiculously high. I need to keep an eye on it. Ughz.

For the rest of the afternoon, I'm going to be running some errands, napping, and, then, heading off to pottery class.

Good times!
Have a great day!


  1. Yay for meeting Ryan. Glad you had fun. A pretty busy weekend, including that poor wee mousie you found. *sniff*

    Enjoy your day off.

  2. Pumpkin ice cream sounds yummy.

    Too bad about the high blood pressure. No more red meat for you. ;)

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Awesome bowls - having thrown pottery before, not hungover, I know that shit is very difficult to do. My bowls are super thick and not symmetrical and kind of ugly. - not anonymous, but forgot all identity logins: Ellen at

  4. Hurray! You got together with Ryan! Now I don't have to yell at him.

    Sorry to hear about the blood pressure - maybe its Carl's fault.

  5. I am *STILL* jealous that you got to meet Ryan.

  6. It was great meeting up with VUBOQ. After leaving the metro to get a signal and entering, going to Lafayette, and returning to U street after some miscommunication, I ended up at a bar a block away from Busboys and Poets.