Wednesday, November 09, 2011

VUBOQ Does a Good Deed

Good morning, Kittens.

Guess what day it is?



But, it is also some sort of charity day in the DC/Metro region called "Give to the Max Day." Now, I know a Max, and I wouldn't suggest giving him any moneyz (I won't say why, but it rhymes with "Bot Brustworthy." It could also rhyme with "Bill Bonly Bend Bit Bon Brostitutes." No judgment, just sayin'). However, if you have a few pennies to throw at some local charities, you might want to consider it.

There is a cute story about how I came about learning that today is "Give to (not just any but) the Max Day" ...

A friend of mine (who happens to be a well-hung 26-year-old ex-Marine) mentioned that he is wanting to volunteer to help the homeless.

And, I just so happen to have two very wonderful and generous-with-their-time neighbors (K-Factor and the Canadian) who volunteer with a local organization, Miriam's Kitchen. So, I shot them an email to get the contact information for the volunteer coordinator.

Later that day, I receive an unsolicited email from (can you guess who?) ...

A volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen! Isn't that crazy?

And, not only is he a volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen, he is all soliciting Social Media (like, y'know, Very Popular Blogs) to spread the word about "Give to the (Not TJ, but) the Max Day."

And, I was, like, WHOA! CRAZY! Look, here's a cute little link he sent to promote the day.

So, that's what I'm doing. I mean, I cleaned out my closet and gave Miriam's Kitchen 13 Winter Coats; the least I could do is give them a bloggy shout out.

Go. Give. Feel good (better?) about yourselves.

Have a great day!


  1. hooray for goodness!

    and also the reminder that we all have something to give, even if we are dead broke.

    time is just as good as money, I think the old saying goes. ;)

  2. :)

    Thanks so much for blogging about this -- today is Give to the Max day and Miriam's Kitchen will be much obliged, I am sure!

  3. Victoria10:06 AM

    "ow on earth can you have 13 winter coats?" asks the girl from Texas, formerly from Arizona.

  4. Wow. We're humbled! Thanks so much for writing about Give to the Max Day and mentioning us. AND for all that you've already done for our guests (the coats will come in super handy). I hope we'll see you and your friends in our kitchen sometime soon! (If you don't hear back about volunteering, shoot me an email at'll do my best to hook you up ;)
    --Jenn at Miriam's Kitchen

  5. Wow - good for you. Helping others to be not only warm, but stylish as well : ).

  6. I don't think I have 13 coats, let alone 13 winter coats.