Monday, November 21, 2011

Week Update: Holy Cow, I Keep Forgetting to Post

Good Morning, Kittens!
Terribly sorry for the lack of posting ... I'd say I've been busy, but -actually- I'm just lazy.
So ... let's see ... where did we leave off ... last Monday's penultimate pottery class was good.  I trimmed 5 bowls. 
Tuesday, I did laundry (a day early, because ...)
Wednesday, I had an after work happy hour with my company people.  I left work early (around noon) to have a visit with the surgeon.  And, guess what?  I get to have surgery AGAIN!  YAY!
Or, well, not yay.  Because PWS*?  Not Fun.  I've scheduled it for Friday, December 2nd.  Woo hoo.  Which means, I will be missing out on lots of fun Holiday parties.  Boo.  But, hopefully, I will be recovered enough to not be Super Mr. Crankypants while I'm at my brother's house over the holiday.
SO, after receiving that wonderful news, I went to happy hour.  Since it was a work-thing, I try to limit my alcohol consumption.  No one likes to get ubersloshed in front of their bosses.  I was not entirely successful.  I did not get ubersloshed; however, I did get slightly tipsy.  Grrr.
Thursday, our new division chief guy had a "team-building" luncheon at a place that had NO vegetarian options (I had checked ahead so I brought my lunch).  We had to wear these horrible matching shirts.  Vomit.  On the plus side, the new division chief guy dismissed us after the lunch.  YAY!  Of course, I had evening plans in the District.  So, my co-worker and I went shopping and then drinking at Capitol City Brewery. 
That evening, I journeyed to H St, NE, to visit my friend, Barbara.  And meet her new boo.  That was fun.  Cocktails.  Snacks.  Good conversation.
Friday, at work, the Cleaning and Organizing Bug struck.  A co-worker and I cleaned out and organized our supply cabinets and closet.  They are so nice and tidy now.  Yay!  After work, I blobbed on the sofa.  Yay for blobbing.
Saturday, I had dinner with Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  Then, we went to Ray's 30th Birthday party at Melting Pot, where I realized that I don't really enjoy fondue all that much.  It was fine.  Nice people. Decent drinks.  But, I don't feel any need to ever go there again.
And, Sunday was totally not my day.  I planned to get up early to go to the Whole Foods before the Weekend Thanksgiving Shoppers descended like locusts.  However, I did not get up early.  And when I finally got to the store, I realized I had forgotten my wallet.  I went back home and did some housework until time to drive to pottery.  Once at pottery, nothing I had made was ready to be glazed.  Grr.  However, I did have some finished bowls and vases.  Unfortunately, one vase had some broken glaze.  I managed to slice my thumb open on the sharp edges.  Ouch.  AND, when I got home, Tomokito called to see if I had hot water.  I didn't.  It turns out our building's hot water heater broke somehow.
The plumbers came, but they can't fix it.  Which meant a very cold shower this morning.  K-brrrrr.  The plumbers left.  I walked to the Whole Foods and, then, treated myself to some drunken noodle at That at Silver Spring.
Then, home and -eventually- bed.  Yay!
Today is the last pottery class.  fingers crossed that they did a bisque-firing and I can glaze my pots.  Otherwise, it will be a sad, sad Xmas for some ...
Have a great day!  *smooches*
*pooping while screaming


  1. Well bugger it on the surgery front. That sucks. Mojo for a super quick recover with minimal PWS.

    At least you realized you'd forgotten your wallet before you went through the check-out. That's when I discovered mine was not in my purse once. Arrgghhh! Excuse me while I just drop through the floor. She just let me push the cart aside and I had to race home and get it and come back and pay. Now I'm super paranoid and always double check.

    Hope your pottery people get on the ball. They seem pretty slack there.

  2. yeah. more like fon-don't.


    I'm sorry about the surgery. that super sucks.

  3. Oh no - more surgery. Just in time for the holidays - how horrible. I hope this time it's less painful.

    I can't find anything wrong with a big pot of melted chocolate. Cheese on the other hand...