Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Have a Complex

(I also have a tapeworm, named Carl ... but's that a story for another post)

Good morning, Kittens.

As you may know, I am not really dating anyone seriously right now (b/c, y'know, a certain someone is in Las Vegas and the other guys I have been seeing have not been panning out). BUT, I do maintain a couple of profiles on a couple of "dating" sites.

I realize that the majority of men do not use these sites to date. I do. I have met several fun friends and gone on some cool dates with guys off these sites.

Recently on one of them, I have received a flurry of emails (OK, 3 emails, spread over about a week) from a man in Baltimore.

Now, (1) Baltimore is too far for me, and (2), while this guy said in his profile he is 40, he must've had a hard, hard life (and not moisturized regularly).

Anyway, he seemed nice enough, but I am not at all attracted to him or interested in meeting him. I could only see the emails continuing, so, after the third email, I sent him the following:

Thank you for the compliments and your several emails. I apologize for not responding sooner; however, while I certainly admire your tenacity, I am not interested in exploring the possibilities of "something more." Good luck with your search (and, even though [online dating site] may not be the ideal place to search for it, I do believe it is possible).

I thought it was polite and to the point (read: leave me alone, plz). Then, I get this response:

well best of wishes and take care, well no surprise here. Generally I don't find it a bit surprising being the majority of the older guys in the gay community have a complex that kinda strange. I guess its just the city over there. Good luck to you.

OLDER GUYS?!?! COMPLEX?!?! What about my email made him think I have a complex? Srsly. I kind of want to write him back and be all "um. hwhat? I just don't find you attractive and was trying to be polite. Sorry."

Some people. *sigh*

In other exciting news, at work yesterday, an indirect supervisor called me into his office and said, "This isn't about work. But, what do you think about me as a person? How would you describe me?"

um. hwhat?

So, I lied.

And all was well.

Today, after work, I am getting my hairz did. Yay! And, then, I am meeting Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner.

It's a long weekend for me. Federal Holiday on Friday (Yay Veterans!) and Monday is our regular day off. Suh-weet!

If I remember, I'll try to post a 12 of 12 ... I wouldn't hold your breath though.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Very interesting response from this guy...I think you so made the right decision to Adios!

  2. Your response is nicer than mine would have been (I usually go down the "pretend this person doesn't exist" route).

    The colleague sounds like he needs professional help.

  3. Yeah I've had issues with people responding back like that. One guy wrote "Well I'm sorry I'd don't meet up to your ridiculously high standards. I hope you and your right hand have a lovely life together." or something similiar. And all I said to him was, "Thanks but I'm really not interested. Have fun on here and have a great weekend!"

    Ah, well, whatever. :)

  4. People say things because of themselves. Your response was fine. He is a douche.

  5. Man, what a prize that guy is. And the supervisor thing was weird.

    Hurray for freshly did hair. Have a great holiday!

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