Friday, July 27, 2012

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Good Morning, Kittens!

As further proof that (if there is a God) S/He hates me, on Tuesday my back was almost entirely pain-free.  Not 100% better, mind you, but close ... maybe like 95%.  I was ecstatic.  I made all sorts of plans for the weekend ... like going for a short run.  And, well, that was it.  I was going to get back into running.

And, then, Wednesday happened.  I awoke at my regular time (5:15AM) and tried to get out of bed.  "Tried" being the operative word.  WTF?  My back was in excruciating pain ... AGAIN!  SRSLY.  I am totally over this whole Bad Back Thing.  At least this time, I knew to get up and move around. 

But, still, I have been in mucho pain the past couple of days.  I have left work early every day just because I can't stand it and I want to come home and be horizontal.  Hello, Heating Pad, my old friend.  I've come to lie on you again ...

But enough about the sharp stabby pains in  my lower lumbar spinal region, let's talk about this weekend!  Because I don't have many plans other than to be flat on my back (and not in the fun way).

Tonight, I am going to eat leftover Japanese curry (which I made last night.  And it was yummy and tasted like memories).  And, I'm going to watch the Muppet movie (the latest one).

On Saturday, I want to do some major cooking.  I want to make jalapeno pickles.  And gazpacho.  And vegan pesto (which I suppose could also be called basil puree).

And, while all that is happening, Tomokito and I are going to do a little sake tasting with some (I'm sure it will be) delicious sake that her family brought over from Japan.

Saturday evening, I am going to a birthday party.

AND, on Sunday, I will be going to the pottery studio for (possibly) the last time this session.  Fingers crossed that all of my stuff has been fired and I can glaze it.

So, there you have my fascinating weekend plans.  Let's see what really happens, shall we?

Have a great day!


  1. Boo to more back pain! That suxxx.

    I hope the Muppet movie is fun.

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM


    I'm one of those blog stalkers of yours that read you faithfully. I had the same problem with my back, even ended up on the neighbors lawn at 1am in the morning bending down to pick up the cat. After trying the heat thing and still being in pain, someone said "did you try ice?". Seems the ice put whatever wasn't where it should be back in place and I was back to normal within a day.

  3. Anonymous, too10:09 PM

    Love the subtle Simon & Garfunkel reference. Hate that your back is out again. Maybe your doctor can recommend a good chiropractor or cute masseur to help get the muscles to relax so you can go do it, relax, when you want to sock it to it,. . .

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your back. Poor vuboq!
    I hope a weekend of rest will help.
    The Muppet movie was cute.
    The sake tasting sounds like fun : ).

  5. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Lower lumbar isn't fun. I have a slight scoliosis which flares from time to time but nothing seriously debilitating.

    Instead I got the fun stuff - inner ear problems. Luckily it's been quiet for five years now. But that's one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

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    I hope you are feeling better soon!