Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update: Back into the Swing of Things

Good Morning, Kittens!

After several weeks of being anti-social and sofa-ridden, I finally am easing my way back into life.  Yay me!

On Friday, my co-worker and I had planned to go to a DC Fringe Festival play, Young Republicans, which starred a friend of my co-worker.  Well, co-worker's boyfriend decided that he wanted to go too.  Gah.  Thus, rather than be a third wheel, I took a date, L (this would be our second date).  We all went to Fado in Gallery Place for beers and snacks and dinner and then headed to the play, which was entertaining, probably could stand some tightening up ... but it's Fringe.  That's what one should expect, I suppose.

After the play,we all went our separate ways.

On Saturday, I had a mini-English lesson with Tomoko's niece, who is visiting for a couple of weeks.  It went fine.  We talked about fashion and astrology.  And how to use numerology to determine if you and your "crush" are compatible.  Good times.

Then, I headed into the DC, where I met Ray and Tiger and Jake (from NYC) and Bobby and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for margaritas.  That was boozy good times as well.  Bobby drove me home (around 7ish, I think).  Yay!  I made dinner.  Watched a movie.  Read more of Game of Thrones, Book 3.  Right before bed I had a couple of cherry tomatoes as a snack.

Around midnight, VOMIT CITY!  OMG.  I felt so gross.  And I was perplexed, because I really had not had that much to drink.  BUT,  ugh.  I had cold sweats.  And it was just awful.  In fact, I threw up so much and so violently that I hurt my throat.

Sunday morning, I staggered around, weak, but feeling ok.  That is when I looked more closely at the tomatoes.  Some of them had rotted.  I don't think I ate a rotten tomato, just ones that had been sitting in rotten tomato juice.  YUCK!  Needless to say, I am kind of off tomatoes right now.

Around noon, I headed over to the pottery studio.  The session is almost over.  So I glazed a couple of mugs.  And then I used the last of my clay to do some handbuilding.  I made the vase/pencil holder thing pictured above and this shallow bowl::

Handbuilt Shallow Bowl

Once home, I cleaned up and got ready for my second date of the weekend.  We met in downtown Silver Spring and had thai food.  Yum.  He is super dreamy - dark skin, shaved head, 6'4", 200+ pounds of muscle ... pretty much my ideal guy (physically, at least).  And, he was really nice.  And he seemed interested in me.  He's originally from the Barbados and works as a personal trainer.  He also has a very cool other job, which I may tell you about later ... we'll see how things progress before I spill all his secrets.

After eating, we decided to go get ice cream.  Fun times.

And then I returned home and blobbed on the sofa for the rest of the evening.  Yay!

I am off today (yay!), but I have to go to the dentist (boo!), but, then, I am going furniture shopping (yay!). 

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Oh my, does he have an accent? I may try to steal him. LOL Glad your back is better. The tomato incident sounds awful.

  2. A language less that includes fashion tips and relationship advice? Sign me up!

  3. From the Caribbean, 6'4" AND a personal trainer? Totally jealous! Does he have a brother? If not, do you want to share him? :)

    Have fun!

    Oh and beware tomatos...