Thursday, July 05, 2012


Good Morning, Kittens!

How about that 4th of July, huh?  What a crazy riot of fun!  I stayed on the sofa ALL DAY and watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended editions). 

I made serious progress on my knitting project (pictured).  At the rate I'm going, I *may* finish the scarf before it gets to be winter ... we'll see.

I am currently reading Game of Thrones, Book 3.  It's a surprisingly good series; however, I've getting very frustrated with one character's storyline right now.  So, I may have to put the book down for a bit to give myself a break.  Anyone else into this series? 

For dinner last night, I made this:

Dinnertime!Spicy Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Sauteed Green and Yellow Squash with Basil and Pinenuts, and Rice with Red Quinoa

Very American, what with the squash and the tomatoes and the quinoa, right?

As for my back, it still hurts.  I am able to get up and move around, which is good.  I think I may have overdone it yesterday a bit, because I did too loads of laundry.  That was hard.  And today I have more shooting pains than I did yesterday.  I fear I am falling apart.

I guess that's it.  I am off today because it's our regular day off.  I may try to do some work this afternoon just so I won't have to do a full day tomorrow.  We'll see ...

Have a great day!


  1. I hope you are on the mend.

  2. Anonymous, too9:26 PM

    Have you tried a whirlpool bath or spa (maybe at a friend's place)? Sounds crazy in this heat wave, but it might help.