Thursday, July 19, 2012


Good Evening, Kittens!

First of all, click on over to Polt's Purple Palace for a sort of guest post by moi.  It's chock full of rollicking hilarity.  For some reason, the photo I sent him isn't showing up.  Maybe it's my computer ... But, too bad if you can't see it, because I am COMPLETELY NEKKID in it.


So, anyway, I have a little filing to do this evening ... There was this guy, D.  From a few months ago.  Remember him?  The one out of the 20-year relationship, who went all Bat. Shit. Crazy on his ex and reported his car as stolen and his ex's new boyfriend's boyfriend was driving it?  Yeah.  Him?

Well, he texted me.  and he was all like "I want to see you."
And, I was thinking all "why?" but I said "ok."
And he was all, "When?"
So I was all, "I'm free on Thursday."
And he was all, "All day?"
And I was thinking all, "Are you a total dumbass?  I do have a job, y'know." but I said, "No, after 5."
And he was all, "OK."

So, I expected to, y'know, like hear from him about some sort of plan or something.  Nothing.
And, today, being Thursday and all, the day that I said I was free (I charge on all other days), I expected to, y'know maybe hear from him.
So, I texted him, "What's the plan?"
And, here it is.  Nearly 7PM.  Nothing.
Thus, I have some filing to do.

Let's file D under:
So Done.
So Over.
So Tired of Being Nice and Then Being Dicked Around By Crazy Ass Guys with Psychological Problems who Totally Refuse to Get Help.

Perhaps this is why I need to buy a new filing cabinet.  It's over-flowing.



  1. It's your computer. Also, it's high time to be tired of that bullshit.

  2. Anonymous, too10:03 PM

    You big tease! That photo doesn't prove you were COMPLETELY NEKKID, just shirtless. That photo doesn't even prove Isabella was COMPLETELY NEKKID!

    Yes, you are right to be over D, but be careful if/when you have to let him know he's no longer on your radar. I understand bat guano can stain clothing. . . .

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Just wondering how you cook kale? (Seriously, received kale in my CSA basket this week and need help. Tried sauteing with onions and garlic, but tasted like turnip greens.)

    1. Anon, if you aren't allergic to peanuts, try this:

  4. the day that I said I was free (I charge on all other days)

    That made me laugh.

    Avoid the crazies.