Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Update: Miracle Pills Edition

Good Evening, My Sweet, Sweet, Furry Kittens of Joy!

My weekend was chock full o' fun and excitement, if you define "fun and excitement" as "being on the sofa, watching DVDs, and knitting."

On Friday, I went to an orthopedic surgeon.  He (well, his nurse) took x-rays of my back.  And, it looks fine (so he says).  There are a couple of picky little things going on with my lower vertebrae, but they are probably not the cause of my SuperIntenseBackPainOwOwOw.  So, he prescribed physical therapy (meh) and a Bottle of Miracle Pills (aka NSAIDs).  Seriously, I took the first one and, in, like, 15 minutes most of the debilitating back pain was Gone!  I still have a nagging little twinge and am not nearly as mobile as I would like, but, OMG, so. much. better (ish).

BUT, although mostly mobile, I felt I should spend most of the weekend resting.  Which I did.  It was lovely.

Mike (Who Makes Cakes) came over Friday evening for a little while.
On Saturday, I watched DVDs and knat.
I also started a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.  I watched 1 through 5.
And I ironed a metric shit-ton of shirts.

On Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  Which, in retrospect, was probably not the best thing to do; however, had I not gone, most of the work I have done so far would have been ruined.

Not that that stopped me from ruining it on Sunday.  I did not have a good Pottery Day.  I trimmed three bowls and messed up every. single. one.  Grrrr.  I think I repaired them enough so that people won't notice.  We shall see.

Once I got home, my back was Very Tired.  I blobbed on the sofa on the heating pad.  Yay!
I also knat.
And, then, I made dinner.

I went to bed early, because, today, I went to work!

I know.  Exciting, right?

Work was fine (ish).  I got caught up on some things.  I had to move around a lot.  After lunch, I had to use the heating pad ... which inspired the song "Sweaty back.  Sweaty back.  What are they feeding you?" Around 3PM, I had to take a percoset. 

And, then, it was Go Home Time. Yay!

Tonight, I need to cook the kale from last week's CSA share.  But, I am tired.  We shall see if it happens.  I really just want to blob on the sofa.  And, maybe, have a hot, shirtless guy feed me peeled grapes.

Somehow, I don't think the latter will happen.

Oh, well ...

Have a great night!  Hope your weekends were FanTabulicious!



  1. Anonymous, too10:05 PM

    Glad to hear the back is feeling better. Your weekend may not have been all that exciting, but I'm sure Ms. Isabella appreciated the quality time with you.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I know how awful it is when your back is out. Ouch!
    I love to knit as well. I've been working on a crap load of ruffle scarves to have for my sisters Christmas Craft sale. If I never see another one of those mofo's again after I'm done it will be awesome!

    Anyhow, again, glad to read that you are feeling better.


  3. "And, maybe, have a hot, shirtless guy feed me peeled grapes."

    That's usually your Wednesday night, right?

    Glad that you went to the doctor to have things checked out. Better safe than sorry and all of that. Plus, the miracle pills sound worth it!

  4. Knat. Ha!
    Glad you got some miracle pills. Hope that soon you won't need them.
    Sitting on the sofa watching TV (Breaking Bad marathon)and avoiding a load of ironing was what I did last weekend.

  5. Hot shirtless guy feeling you grapes is known to cure ALL that ails ya! :)

    even without that, I hope you're doing better each day.