Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plans Interrupted ...

Good Evening, My Sweet, Sweet, Intoxicated Kittens!

Things are bubbling and gurgling here in Vutopia ... Last night, I had a date.  We went to Number 9.  They have a 2-for-1 happy hour.  I may have gotten a little tipsy.  I also may have made out with my date in the bar.  He's cute.  Smart.  Employed. Short.  Old(er ... 52). Divorced. Has 2 grown children.  Seems mostly well-adjusted.  And an OK kisser.  I think I could really be interested in him ... if Mr. Las Vegas (aka M) would ever leave Las Vegas and I could figure out how I feel about him and he feels about me and what exactly is going on there ... *sigh* 

This guy (who we shall call L) asked if I was single.  I said I was.  Which is true.  But I also told him I am dating around, which is also true.  And I may have mentioned that there is a complicated situation.  Why is life so hard?

In the meantime, we are going out again.  On Friday night.  To a play.  That's part of the DC Fringe Festival.  A friend of my co-worker is starring in it.  The tickets were not that expensive ($20?), but there is also this STUPID (aka FUCKING) Fringe Button you have to buy for $7 just to be admitted into the venue.  Really?  WTF is that kind of shit?  Speaking as someone who will only be going to one Fringe Festival event (because I sort of know a person in one of the shows), having to pay an additional $7 just to see a (sort of) friend in a (probably a little bad) play is (possibly quite) ridiculous.  If the DC Fringe Festival wanted to make a little extra money, why didn't they add an additional $1 (in addition to the $3.75 "processing fee") to the ticket price?  I don't get it.  Very.  Annoying.

And speaking of Very. Annoying. I found out this morning that the conference I was attending next month has been cancelled.  Mmhm.  That's right.  A month before the largest energy conference for federal employees and contractors is scheduled to start, GSA decides it does not meet their Very High Standards for conferences and contracting and pulls the plug.

Perhaps the conference organizers should have included a $50000 magician and a team-building exercise where everyone puts together a bicycle for charity.

Seriously, WTF?  I can understand canceling it a couple of months ago, but 4 weeks in advance?  Really?  Poor St. Louis is now going to lose all those  food and hotel and tourism dollars.  Oh, well.  And, I am losing out on my (sort of) paid vacation (although I do actually attend sessions and schmooze with vendors.  AND, I had been trying to convince M to meet me there.  Because, it's, like, sort of halfway between here and Vegas.  Right?   Oh, well. No visiting the top of the Arch and doing a Percy Jackson-esque dive into the Mississippi for me.  No conference nookie for me. 

The only thing for me is the Hope that they will eventually refund my registration fee.  "They" said they will.  Sometime.  Maybe soon.  Maybe not. 

And, I now have a $300 flight credit on Southwest.  Where should I go? 

I guess that's about all my news.  Enough bitchin' and complainin' for one day, eh?

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  1. You'd look better than Percy Jackson doing that dive, cause a trail of glitter would follow you down to the water. :)

    Have fun Friday.