Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update: Better Than Last Weekend Edition

Good Afternoon, my Sweet Sweet Kittens!

I am trying to type with a kitten leaning on one arm and a cocktail in the other hand. Complicated, fer sure ...

ANYWAYz, my weekend has been pretty durn fabulous. On Friday, after work, I had plans to meet this guy who I went out with last summer (E? maybe?) for happy hour at 5:45. I got there a little early, found a table, ordered a drink, and waited ... and waited ... and waited. At 6PM, I thought, "Am I being stood up?" I checked, but didn't have his cellphone number, so I sent him an email (hoping that he had a smartphone).

It turns out he was in another part of the bar, not realizing that there were two sections. So, we had another few drinks and some food and good conversation. It was very nice.

On Saturday, I did lots of blobbing. And some cleaning. And a little grocery shopping. And, possibly some napping. Later, I ventured forth into the DeeCee to attend a BBQ at SCGB's cute new apartment. It is cute! And new! I volunteered to bring fixings for a cocktail. So, I chose the Cherry Caipirissima from the NYT's recent article on simple summer cocktails (three ingredients!). I had previously made the basil gimlet which was totes YUM YUM YUM.

Here's the cocktail:

Cherry Caipirissima

The recipe is pretty simple ... 3 cherries, pitted and halved, 3/4 oz simple syrup (I actually used Rose's Lime Stuff), 2 lime wedges, 2 oz of white rum, 6 ice cubes.

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the cherries and lime wedges with the syrup. Add the rum and ice cubes. Shake like the dickens. And pour into a rocks glass.

Very tasty. and festive!

The BBQ was fun. I left around 10PM. Got home around 11PM. Tomokito came down and we had the same cocktail (only I used vodka instead of rum).

Sunday, I drove to the Pottery Studio. Yay! So easy (if a little stressful). I glazed four things (only recently realizing that I actually have made 5 things ...). And then I made what will eventually be two mugs. I also had two completed pieces. One is hideously ugly and bound for the trash bin (or something). The other is this lovely bowl, bound for Brooklyn:

David's Bowl 1

Once home from pottery, I took a nap. Revolutionary!

Later that evening, I had a date. With a very cute guy. We went to Mandalay (mmm. Burmese food). And then we walked around downtown Silver Spring. And then we came back to my place and made out on the sofa. He's definitely a keeper. And he seems to be into me. I, of course, am not sure. I still have in the back of my mind that something might work out with M (y'know, the guy who is letting me use his car for the year he is in Las Vegas). What to do? What to do?

Anyway, this guy (let's start referring to him as C) left around midnight. I went to bed.

This morning, I was supposed to go for a 6 mile run. That didn't happen. I slept a little later. And then I went to the dentist.

Where I had a shit-ton of novocaine shot into my gums and the dentist drilled and filled four cavities. My mouf is a little sore right now. It seemed like forEVER, but I was out of the dentist office in about 50 minutes.

I headed back to Silver Spring, went to the Whole Foods and then treated myself to a boozy lunch at El Golfo. Spinach Enchiladas! YAY!

Then, I took a nap. (I seem to do that a lot, huh?)

And I ironed 4 shirts for work.
I applied to a job.
And now I'm thinking about what to make for dinner.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Monday!


  1. What to do, what to do? Well if M's in Vegas for a year, what's the harm in seeing where things go with C? If C doesn't work out, you've still got M when he returns. And if C DOES work out, then it was always meant to be, right?

    Good luck.


  2. I really don't understand the M thing. If you aren't into C, that's another matter. But why cut off a chance for something possibly great for somebody 2,000 miles away?

  3. I'm with Polt and GayProf - enjoy C and see where it takes you. A bird in the hand, etc., etc.

    That drink looks delicious! I'm definitely going to try it.