Monday, April 09, 2012

Week(end) Update: A Hussy Is Never Lonely Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

You would think being at home on Leave Without Pay (which, in case you didn't know, means I don't get paid) would mean I would be more devoted to updating my blog. Apparently, that thought is incorrect.

Oh, well.

As it turns out, I did not have a cold, but some sort of allergy. I am blaming the dogwood blossoms. I normally don't have allergies, but everyone has said that this year has been an awful year with very high pollen counts. Ughz.

On Wednesday, I went to the pottery studio. I attached some handles. And picked up some finished pieces ...

potteryspring12 001

potteryspring12 003

potteryspring12 006

potteryspring12 009

potteryspring12 011

After pottery, I came home and did laundry. w00t.

The end of the week/weekend were much more interesting ...

On Thursday evening, I went to K's place. He has a cute little condo off of Rhode Island Ave. He made us dinner - lentils and some sort of spring vegetable mix served on polenta. Delicious. We had wine. And, then, we had hot hot buttsecks. And, I will say this: He was very enthusiastic. And energetic. And we didn't get much sleep. Fortunately, I didn't have to go to work the next day. He did. ha!

Friday, my co-worker (who is also on Leave Without Pay) and I went to Adega for lunch. Yum! While we were there, Tomokito walked in. The three of us had a good time hanging out for a bit.

Later that evening, Tomokito and I headed into the district. Eric from Baltimore was to meet us at Number 9 for happy hour. We had many drinks and then staggered over to Thai Tanic for delicious Thai foodz. Nom. We came home. Eric left. I went to bed.

Saturday. Very. Over. Hung. But, I somehow managed to go for a 10 mile run ... which was my only real accomplishment for the day (unless you consider ordering pizza for dinner an accomplishment).

On Sunday, I had a leisurely morning and, then, headed into the District to attend an Easter Brunch. Brunch was very boozy. I got a little tipsy. And, then, we started drinking vodka. And, then, I started making out with this very cute guy who was there.

And, then, I went back to his place and we had Nekkid Fun. For a very long time. And he had to get up this morning at 5ish to get ready for work. Ouch. That was really difficult. Anyway, he's a nice guy, good kisser, very into cuddling, hot body. But, my inexperience with men of the paler persuasion reared its ugly head ... someone (not me) had to go to work with some very visible ... um ... bruising on his neck. Oops. I feel bad about that.

Around 6AM, I left his place, hopped on a bus, and headed home. Very. Over. Hung. I went back to bed and got up about an hour or so ago. Huzzah!

So, there you have it. Good times for all involved.
Have a great day!


  1. Pretty mugs! I guess in your chatting-up at the beginning, you can start asking, "So, bruise easily?"


  2. All pale guys bruise easily when confronted with a Hoover. He could have stopped you. He's probably bragging to his co-workers right now.

  3. Sounds like you are making the most of your time off! Why not? :)

    Love that pottery. You did a wonderful job!


  4. Isn't that why they invented ties and scarves?

  5. You are a love machine!

  6. I've had to tell a few people I bruise easily, and not to do that so high on my neck. :) Just for future reference, around the collarbone is easy to hide and feels very nice when being....bruised. :)

    Good for you, man! Keep up the good work! :)