Tuesday, April 10, 2012

International Liver Resting Week(ish) 2012

Good Evening, Kittens.

After my rather boozy weekend and the interesting way brunches have been ending for me recently, I decided to declare this week (and maybe next) International Liver Resting Week(ish) 2012!

Yes, I'm going off the sauce for a little while and drinking delicious smoothies (like the blueberry, apple, spinach, carrot, cashew one pictured) every day. Mmm. Smoothies. My liver has been working overtime and needs a vacation, fer sure.

I think I'm going to wait until after the Parkway Classic 10-Miler on 22 April to fall off the wagon again. That way I can also use the "I'm training" excuse for the whole Not Drinking Thing.

On the plus side, K mentioned that he is also giving up the boozy deliciousness for the week. Apparently, he, too, had a little too much fun this past weekend. We're going out to dinner on Friday. Hm. What is dinner out without booze even like? So odd ...

In other news, pottery class yesterday was rather uninspiring. We only have a few classes left and I used the last of my clay to throw to very off-center and slightly wobbly bowls. Oh, well. Someone will love them, I'm sure.

Then, today, I actually had some "work" to do. It was tedious and boring (and I don't think the 6 hours I spent dealing with my computer issues will be billable), but it means that I will at least get *some* money this week. Of course, as my boss was giving me the assignment, he also mentioned that I am not going to be able to do the other work later this week he had lined up for me. Something about the client being a total crackhead. *sigh* On the plus side, this frees up my schedule so that I can (possibly) meet R (the guy from brunch on Sunday) for lunch.

I had sent him a message, saying that I had a fun time, apologizing for the unfortunate visible bruising, and offering to take him to dinner. He said he prefers lunch.

Ok. So that's what we're doing. Lunch.

Also, I have discovered that I have some Mystery Bruises on my arm. Did I fall down? Or did someone grab me with great force (or not so great force considering how easily I bruise)? Who knows? They aren't super awful, but one of them really hurts when I touch it (so don't touch it! *sheesh*).

But, back to lunch, he's supposed to let me know when he is free ... either tomorrow or Thursday.

Tonight, for dinner, I had a quorn chik'n cutlet with gruyere, garlic mashed red-skinned potatoes, and red kale sauteed with Meyer lemon juice. Nom nom nom!

Nom alert!

And, I guess that's about it. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. your dinner looks amazing. I want.

    I've never tried quorn, I hear it's great but I also hear horror stories about people getting sick from it, some sort of allergy to the fungus or something. But it always looks delish.

    Also, smoothies rock.
    And I like to call mystery bruises "Courtney Loves" even though she's out of the media these days. She was always covered in mystery bruises.

  2. I, too, have been considering a rest for the liver. It has more to do with my waistline, though.