Friday, April 13, 2012

And the Slog Continues

Good Evening, Kittens.

I totally meant to blog this morning, but -well, obviously- that didn't happen. So, what's been going on?

I am still on LWOP, which means I am not getting paid.

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with my co-worker (who is also on leave ... but will be going back to work on Tuesday. I may not. We work for different companies on different contracts in the same office. I should find out on Monday what is going on with my contract). We went to Mandalay. I had Noodle #1. OMG. So delicious.

Then, I came home and took a nap. And talked to the most fabulous cuzin ever (or was that yesterday? hmmm ...). And, then, I did laundry. Oh, the good times.

Yesterday, I did much of the same, minus the laundry and the talking to the cuzin and plus running 6.25 miles (and setting a 10K PR - 54:18. Go me!). Also, while making dinner, I managed to give myself a 2nd Degree steam burn on my left middle finger. Ouch.

And, today, I updated my resume (and discovered a typo). How can several HR Specialists review a resume and all of them miss the same typo? HOW? Admittedly, it was pretty easy to miss. But, deadly. I had my job title as "Energy Manger." Yeah. Oops. Once that was fixed, I signed myself (and a couple of neighbors) up for a CSA Farm Share. We'll be getting a box full of yummy organic veggies every week starting in May (and ending in October). Later, I walked up to Lebanese Taverna Cafe for falafel. Mmm. Falafel.

Tonight, there will be sofa blobbing and DVD watching. Can you contain your excitement?

Not much going on this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm planning on running 8 miles and meeting Ray for brunch in Dupont. And no real plans for Sunday.

Hope your weekend will be more fun than mine!


  1. Are you getting UI?????? I got laid off last month andthink I havefiggered out howto fuck with the twc like they want. Govt politics. Whatev!!!!

    Yay on the PR.....hope the pay ramps soon!

  2. Ugh -- I can't believe the most fabulous cuzin/neighbor is leaving for so long! Life is unfair.

  3. Ooh - blobbing and DVD watching! To me that's exciting. The farm share sounds cool.
    You burned your finger? I thought I told you to stop getting boo boos!