Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Only 2 Days. What Up With That Edition?

Good Evening, Kittens!

I hope your weekend has been chock full of fun and excitement. This is my first two-day weekend in, like, MONTHS. It's crazy! How do you people do it? How do you get everything done, whilst still maximizing your sofa blobbing time?

ANYWAY, so Friday, after work, I met my friend, Eric (not from Baltimore) for happy hour. We ended up having several boozy beverages at Capital City Brewery. Huzzah.

Then, I went home. I texted a "friend" ... and he just so happened to be "chillaxin'" ... So, I invited him over to watch movies. We watched most of "The Sound of Music" ... Then, the "watching movies" part took over. Good times ;-)

Saturday, I went for an 8 mile run. I think I may have died. Later, I resurrected. And ventured into DC to meet my friend, R, for dinner at Thai Tanic. OMG. Their food is sooooo good. Then, I came home and watched "One Day."

I read the book and (mostly) enjoyed it. The movie was not as good as the book, but was still quite good. I think my main problem was the casting of Anne Hathaway. Even though I LUVLUVLUV her, she seemed miscast, not really fitting the mental image I had of the character. Oh, well.

This morning, I woke up early(ish) and went to the Trader Joe's. Huzzah! I didn't make a list (big mistake), so I bought a lot of things I didn't really need (like the pretty purple flowers pictured above. Only $1.99!) and forgot to buy several things I did need. Oops.

I am trying to eat healthier, and M has inspired me to start making smoothies again. I tried to make one when I got back, and somehow managed to break my zhuzher. Oh, sweet zhuzher, I miss you so much already. How will I make delicious pureed soups now? *sigh*

Fortunately, I have enough credit card rewards points that I should be able to get a new smoothie-making blender and, possibly, a new zhuzher for free! YAY!

Then, I went to the pottery studio. I made this:

BowlIt's a bowl.

And these:

MugsA mug and, maybe, a soup mug.

Once home, I called my folks and did my ironing for the week. Good times.

Tonight, I am going to watch some of the Oscars Red Carpet with Tomokito. And, then, I'll probably go to bed. Good times.

If you are going to watch the Oscars, you should check out my brother's new blog: Cheese is Funny. He'll be live blogging the Oscars. Sometimes, he can be quite clever. So, check it out. Or not. Whatever.

Have a fabulous Oscar Night! *smooches*


  1. I am covetous of your extra long weekends. I have never once made it through my whole to-do list on the weekends and still managed to maximize blobbing time.

  2. I'm really not a fan of these 2-day weekends. In fact, my office-mate and I are trying to figure out a way that we can each work 4 day weeks - we would coordinate our days off so there would always be someone there if our MDs ever decided to grace us with their presence. (Actually, they're good guys - just hard to find when we need them, and underfoot when they aren't cutting people's hearts open...) I'm jealous of the 8 mile run - I think I could walk that, but 'run' might be pushing it a bit. Although.... We've got some great trails right behind the hospital, and I'm thinking I might start doing some trail running on my lunch break.... We'll see.... Running... *sigh*


    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona the dog, who has 7 day weekends, and would LOVE to go trail running, as long as it didn't also involve being in the hospital 8 hours a day!)

  3. Somehow, I deleted instead of approved a comment by Michelle M. So here it is:

    I LOVE The Sound of Music (my favorite movie)! And Thai food! And smoothies! And purple flowers! And our zhuzher (which we call an immersion blender, because we are boring)! But not running! And not Anne Hathaway (she bugs)!

    To answer your question - I get nothing done. Blobbing trumps productivity.

  4. One awesome thing about you is that when I click on a link in your comments in my very old posts, I actually end up at your blog.

    Which is to say I was digging through my old archives and I'd see a comment and think, "Oh, how is s/he doing!" and the site would be dead or gone. Sigh.

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Thanks for the blog love. We had a bunch of vistitors from Vuboq-ville (Vuboq-dom? Vu-town? Vutopia?). Love ya like a brother.