Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Dreams May Come

Good Evening, Kittens!

Last night (well, early this morning), I had a dream, a very disturbing (or as they sometimes write around my office "distrubing") dream. It woke me up around 3:40 and I couldn't really fall back asleep ...

After a long animated set-up, I end up in a house. And begin systematically killing the people inside (and there were A LOT of people inside). I have a gun that can change modes from machine gun to rifle to flame-thrower. I don't recognize the people. And I don't feel any remorse. All I know is that I will not be leaving the house alive.

At one point, I let a group of African-American school children leave the house (through the attic, which -after they escape- I set fire to with my flame-thrower). And, then, I try to exit the house. Outside is chaos. I see cars and buses and crowds of people.

It's at this point, I see the only two people I recognize in the entire dream.

As I try to leave the house, Adam comes towards me with an uzi. But, god bless his little ginger heart, he can't fire a gun at all and ends up shooting himself. Sorry, Adam, you ended up a bloody, bullet-ridden corpse. Off in the distance, I see M staring at me. I can't really read his expression.

I go back into the house, walk towards the kitchen, and start searching for a knife. I know that a SWAT team or something is going to storm the house soon. The first knife I grab is a short serrated bread knife. I think about slicing my wrists, but realize that won't be quick enough. So, I put the knife against my throat and prepare to cut.

And, that's when I woke up. And tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 5:15 ...

Parts of this dream have been playing in my head all day. I kind of hate it when that happens, but it also makes me think the message is important.

I don't know much about dream analysis, yet what I feel my subconscious is telling me is that in some way I am intentionally sabotaging my life. I really feel like (oddly, given the setting) is that this sabotage revolves around work. Neither my friends (represented by Adam) nor potential love interests (M) will resolve the situation. This is something I need to do by myself without relying on emotional crutches. Friends won't help. Falling in love won't either. I need to get my shit together. And, I need to find the internal motivation to do so. ugh.



  1. A) you seem awfully together to me
    B) maybe it just means you need to kick more ass...

  2. The universe is communicating. There are many dimensions to this dream. Every single aspect of it can be picked apart. And represents something from your life. You end up in a house. what does the house represent to you?

    And why are you killing people in the house? There are children in the dream and friends you recognize and the gun that changes function. All these things I've heard talked about before on Decoding Nightmares.

    If you feel it is a message of change that needs to happen, then this is a warning. You were shown this because in your brain - you are working through things and it needs to come to fruition. Like I said there are a whole bunch of things to look at and decode.

    I would keep the dream journal by your bed, have you had this dream before or any part of it - do you find repeats in your sleep like layers - night after night? write them down.

    The last thing I want to tell you is that you can take direction into your dream state when you go to bed to try and find resolution in the dream state. Take a thought to bed and see what happens. But like you said above this is a warning and you need to pay attention or the dream will reoccur until you find peace.

    Don't do anything stupid ...


  3. I think it's saying that Adam is trying to kill you but don't worry because he's, well, Adam.

    But, getting your shit together is cool, too.

  4. Then again, maybe it just means that you need to spend some time playing a good FPS game.

  5. While I ponder whether to send this post to Homeland Security, I will agree that the dream is suggesting some unresolved issues. Indeed, I have always heard the dreams that we actually remember represent something that our brain was working on but could not solve while dreaming.

  6. Jeez Louise. I am never staying over at your place again. You'll kill me in my sleep!

  7. I'm surprised Adam didn't shoot his arm off.
    Boy - when I think my life is out of control I just dream that I'm losing my teeth. I hope you have a nice flying dream to make up for that nightmare.