Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Update: Dead Presidents Edition

Hello, Kittens!

Here's a quick rundown of my weekend ...

Friday, I left work an hour early to go get re-blonded. YAY! I look great. The Colornatrix recently returned from a 3-week trip to Thailand and Vietnam (Hate her!), so she talked about that, and I told her about my 3-day trip to Vegas. Afterwards, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and Tiger (Who Doesn't Make Cakes) for dinner. We went to Austin Grill and had many margaritas. Then, I went home.

On Saturday, I blobbed around. Then, I had boozy lunch at Adega, bought some prosecco and did a little grocery shopping at the Whole Foods. I made a ginger syrup for these drinks, which I took to SCGB's apartment for a little dinner party. On the way to the party, I ran into some friends on the bus. That was totally random. It made the bus ride go more quickly which was a bonus.

Dinner was great. SCGB's BF was there, as were the German and the German's (Hot) Wife and their 9-month-old. We ate. We drank. We played Apples to Apples ... and, then, the German and the German's (Hot) Wife drove me home.

Sunday, I did my taxes. Yay! Except I am missing one form (my 1099-G from Maryland). I should be OK without it. And, I am getting a decent refund. Huzzah.

Later, Tomoko came down and we made more Ginger Sparklers:

Ginger sparklers with Tomokito. Yum!

And, I watched "50/50" ... which was pretty durn good.

On Monday, I went to the Pottery Studio. I made this:

Later, K-Factor came down for more Ginger Sparklers ... I had a lot of ginger syrup left (and my neighbors all have champagne! How fortuitous!).

And, then, today, I went to work. Joy. BUT! The coolest thing happened. I was taking a break from reading an SOW and opened up Grindr on my phone. I saw one picture and thought, "That looks like S (a blogger friend who lives in Pakistan)." So I messaged him. "S??! Is that you? Are you in DC?"

It was he! He's here for a week vacation and staying less than a mile from where I work. How awesome is that?!?! AND, it just so happens that my usual lunch crew had an all day meeting and S was free for lunch! We met at Eastern Market metro and went to Ted's Bulletin. I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup (nom!). I think the last time we were able to hang out was when I was in London (maybe in 2006?) and he was working there at the time. It was so great being able to catch up. I hope we are going to be able to meet up again before he leaves.

And, that should bring you up to date on my life!
Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Tis bout time! I miss my vuboq updates!!!! Hugs Ec

  2. Yay for random encounters with friends.

  3. How cool that you were able to meet up with your friend, S. The ginger sparklers sound good. Congrats on the refund!