Friday, June 15, 2012

Week Update: Where Does the Time Go Edition

Happy Friday, Kittens!

And, seriously, what happened to this week?  It started, like, yesterday.  And, now, it is over.  Sheesh.

So, Monday, was my regular day off.  Yay for flex-time!  I went to the Trader Joe's.  And, then, I went to the pottery studio.  I made this.  And this.  And this.

On Tuesday, after work, it was my turn to pick up our CSA Farm Share Veggies.  See pictured chard (which I later cooked with olives and lemon.  So tasty!).  I also got some green squash, some sort of onion thing, broccoli, and some red-skinned potatoes.  Hail to the Redskins, bitches!

And, I had to attend our monthly co-op board meeting.  Joy.

On Wednesday, there was laundry.

And, yesterday, I had to make a cole slaw for today's work barbeque.  I made a red cabbage, hot and sour slaw.  It looked like this:

Hot-and-Sour Cole Slaw for tomorrow's work bbq.

Also, during the week, I did some Major shopping.  I bought some Cute New Shoes (surprised?) and a Cute New Very GAY T-shirt and Season Tickets to the Kennedy Center.

The last one was the most expensive.  My co-worker, Dana, and I will be going to 6 shows ... Warhorse, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, White Christmas, The Book of Mormon, and two others (a play and a musical), the names of which I have forgotten.

Sometimes it's fun to pretend that I have money and all this shopping isn't driving me deeper and deeper into debt.   Good times.

And, there are big plans this weekend.  Tomorrow is Tomokito's Green Card Party.  And, on Sunday, I'm going to the pottery studio and having dinner with Barbie and Ken.  Yayz!

Hope your week was fab and your weekend will be even better.

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  1. Mmm! Redskin potatoes are sooo good. I wish I had some now...
    That slaw looks like something Harry would love.
    Cute tshirt. Your pottery is amazing. What color are you going to glaze it?

    I like to pretend I'm rich, too. Sigh.