Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update: Visitor Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And Happy Monday. I hope you survived your day. My day has been pretty friggin' fantastic, but we'll get to that in a minute. First, the weekend ...

So, after "working" from home on Friday, I met Barbara and Ken and SCGB and his SCBF for dinner and many margaritas at La Loma in Capitol Hill. Then, I walked to Union Station to await David, whose bus was scheduled to arrive around 10:30.

Unfortunately (and quite unbelievably), all the bars in Union Station close at 10PM. I know, right? So, I left the station and found a little bar where I had a beer while waiting for David. Once he arrived we metro'ed to my place, had some wine, chatted, and went to bed.

Saturday, I went for a 3 mile run (in the snow!) and David went to the gym. Then, we had lunch at Adega (nom). Later that afternoon, we went to the National Portrait Gallery. They have an interesting exhibit on Gertrude Stein going on right now. We left the Gallery. David wanted a cupcake. And, then, we had margaritas at Austin Grill. At 7, we headed over to Teaism to have dinner with Mike Who Makes Cakes. After dinner, we went back to Mike's place to watch TV and drink ginormous cocktails.

On Sunday, David went to the gym again. I blobbed on the sofa. Then, we took the bus into DC to meet Amy (who used to blog as Shallowgal) for brunch at Busboys and Poets. $5 Bloody Marys! Oh, yeah! Amy dropped us off at Union Station. David bought some food for the bus. And, then, he left. *sad face*

I headed home. K-Factor and the Canadian invited me up for lentil soup (delicious!) and "Ides of March" (which was very good). After the movie, I returned to my place and watched "Colombiana" (which was not very good, but it was mindless fun).

AND, today, I went to the endodontist, where I was told that I do not need a root canal. Oh, happier words have not been heard in quite some time. Then, I wandered around. CVS has some of their vitamins on sale, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. I stocked up on my B12. Then, I met SCGB, who works in the neighborhood, for lunch at Bread and Brew, an awesome all organic restaurant. I had the Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich. It was delicious.

I returned home. Did some chores. Took a nap.

Naptime. It's how we roll on rainy days off

When I awoke from my nap, I had a package waiting for me. Mush sent me the AWESOME t-shirt pictured at the top of this post. YAY! Try not to be too jealous of my Walla Walla Guitar Festival shirt. Did you notice that the festival happens on the Greatest Day of the Year?! How exciting is that?

And, then, went for a 6.2 mile run. 58:03. Not a personal record, but not too shabby.

Tonight, I'm going to rest, relax, make some dinner, and figure out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow (I'm assuming the building will be open).



  1. sounds like a fun weekend! You definitely got out more than I did, I hardly saw what was on the other side of my front door. Except for this trip to Jersey. It was gross. I should have just stayed in.

  2. David is really devoted to go to the gym once, much less twice, while traveling. I am shamed by his fitness level.

    Good for you and the over six mile run as well!

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    So funny I watched Ides of March in South Carolina Saturday night...


  4. Yay Mush! Yay cupcakes! Yay margaritas! Wait a minute, I don't like margaritas...
    Next time, pictures of you and David please.