Sunday, January 08, 2012

Week Update: Repetitive Redundancies Edition

Oh, hai, Kittens.

It's been awhile. And, I have an explanation ... The new gmail doesn't work on my work computer. So, the formatting of my blog posts get all screwy when I try to publish them at work. Also, not much is going on. I don't know how much longer I can write about the suckiness of my job, the patheticness of my lovelife, and the fact that I usually spend my free time ironing. I really need to branch out a bit, I think.

Anyway, so things of note last week were that I got a new hat (see picture). A couple of weeks ago, I went out to dinner with a friend (with whom I wouldn't mind being more than friendly) and lost my favorite hat. I decided to order a new one from Zappos. I ordered it Thursday evening. And, it arrived on Friday. Crazy fast service! YAY!

I also had my annual performance review. It went well enough, I guess. The program manager seems more committed to ensuring that I get proper training. We shall see ...

And, I have a semi-big presentation Tuesday morning. I am not worried.

At some point during the week, I registered for the Parkway Classic 10 Mile Race. It's on April 22nd (Earth Day!). I tried to get a group to run with me, but a large portion of my running friends are running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler a few weeks earlier. Fortunately, Mario is going to run it with me (and, maybe, my former co-worker, Alyssa). Should be fun. The route looks very scenic.

As for the weekend ... Friday, after work, I met SCGB (and his v. tall BF), Tomokito, and Ray for happy hour at Number 9. 2 for 1 cocktails! YAY! Boozy good times. After happy hour, Tomokito, Ray, and I went to Thai Tanic for dinner. I always forget how good the food is there. Nommerz!

Saturday, I went for a five mile run. And, in the evening, went upstairs for Tomokito's husband's birthday party. It was fun. I left around 9:30(?) ... Tomokito brought me some cake around 10 and stayed for a cocktail down here.

Sunday, I ran errands. Mike came over for dinner. And, Tomokito and Hana came down later for cookies.

Tomorrow, I am off (yay!). I plan to go for a short run in the morning. And, then, do some grocery shopping. I have a dentist appointment at 1PM. Once I get home from that, I will do some tidying up and ironing. Good times, no?

Hope your weekend was SuperFantastic!
And enjoy your Monday!


  1. I have been horrible about commenting... love the hat and hope all goes well tomorrow... smooches!!

  2. Love the hat! Hope the dentist went smoothly.

  3. The high point of my weekend was taking Cooper to get his nails trimmed. Really.

    Love the hat. It's supercute.