Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't Fuck with Me, Fellas

Good Morning, Kittens.

Not much of note has happened since my last post. Tuesday night was my building's Annual Shareholders' Meeting. And, guess who got elected to the Board of Directors? Oh, yeah. That would be me. Of course, considering that most of the previous board members were ineligible (have already served the maximum 2 consecutive years) and the high percentage of CRAZY that lives in my building, it was pretty much assured going in that I would be on the board this year. I did promise to rule with a gentle hand, sort of a benevolent dictator.

And, then, I found out on Thursday that our building in on a list of buildings that *may* be fully or partially condemned for a major construction project. This project probably won't be happening for another few years (maybe more), but still ... GAH. Our building is in the "partial" category, which I think means that we will have to move out during the construction process and after the project is finished, we will be allowed to move back in. I have many, many questions about this. I guess I will need to start attending the community meetings or something.

That's about all the exciting news, I guess.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how I pick out what I am going to wear to work. Usually, I start with the shoe color I want to wear. Then, I pick the shoe, and work my way up - pants, shirt, tie. On rare occasions, I pick the tie first and work my way down. Is that what other people do?

As for the upcoming weekend, the only plan I have is to attend (No Longer a Baby) Baby Hana's 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday. So, it looks like it will be a relaxing weekend ... Huzzah!

Have a great day!


  1. Having to move would be the big suck. Is there any type of compensation for that? How would people afford a mortgage and rent somewhere else?

  2. Yuh, having to move would be a major suck. As for work clothes, I look at the weather for the next day, decide which pair of black jeans is clean(est), pick a sweater based on what color turtlenecks are clean, how cold it's going to be (anything under 15 degrees demands wool, 15-30 is fleece or wool-blend, over 30 is fleece or cotton), and whether I'm meeting with 'industry' people and have to look moderately professional, or if I'm going to be in my closet all day and can look however I want. Today would be a fleece-hide-in-my-closet-of-an-office day.

    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona the dog, who is probably still comfy and asleep at home)

  3. That sounds like all kinds of suck. May make deciding on kitchen renovation easier, tho. I used to build my outfits around what ginormo-dramatic earrings I wanted to wear that day, so I think shoe color seems perfectly normal.

  4. Moving is such a pain in the ass. Maybe you'll move in with Prince Charming before that happens...

    I just throw on jeans and a sweatshirt. I am fashion challenged.

    Yay Mommie Dearest!!

  5. Holy crap, I don't even want to think about what I would do if I had to move out due to partial condemnation (is that grammatically correct?)! Good luck in the new role and with that whole project.

    I usually start with my shirt or tie. Shoes are simple: black or brown.

  6. If you have to move out, and then back in, are the landlords providing a place, at no extra cost, for you to temporarily move into?


  7. Moving sucks, period. Choosing clothes for the day: I open the closet door and grab the nearest pair of jeans, then I go to the shelves and grab whatever shirt is on top of the pile. Then I grab a pair of undies out of the drawer and a pair of white socks from another drawer. Finally, when i get downstairs, if I feel like bending over, I put on my black work shoes and tie them. If I don't feel like bending over, I slid my feet in the laceless shoes I have.

    Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm wearing until I go into the bathroom at work and see myself in the mirror. :)