Thursday, August 09, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Good Evening, Kittens~!
Happy Thursday!

All is well here in VUTOPIA ...

Except, a couple of days ago ... or was it yesterday?  I may have been a little tipsy.  I suppose the actual timeframe doesn't matter, because, there was a Death in the Family.  

And then there were two. Another death in the family ...And, then, there were two

Yeah, I am down to only two martini glasses.  Ok.  That is kind of a lie.  I do have 3 ... ok ... 7 ... ok 10 others, but I kind of hate them and never use them.  3 of them are the overly decorated "specialty" martini glasses that you give as gifts for birthdays and such.  The other 7 I just don't really like.  I should give them away or sell them at a yard sell or something.  So, let's rephrase.  I am down to only two usable, sturdy martini glasses that I can keep in the freezer.

In other news, my two days of LEED training went well.  I learned a lot.  Now I have to study a bit and then sit for the exam.  Assuming I pass, I will be a LEED Green Associate.  Doesn't that sound exciting?  The highlight of the entire two day training session was, on the last day, I met up with the Former Blogger ShallowGal.  We went to a wine bar.  And drank wine.  It was Boozy Good Times.  Oh, yeah!

I gave ShallowGal this bowl.  I have lots of other pottery to give away from the Summer of Disappointing Pottery.  I'm afraid that most of this pottery is of the large-ish size, so they can only go to Local Kittens.

*cue sob story*

I am being hit with some medical bills and other not very fun expenses right now (yes, I'm looking at you $600 GovEnergy Registration Fee that still has not been refunded even though the conference was cancelled awhile ago), so I don't really have the extra cash for postage.  Sorry.  There will come a day when I can mail things to my Far Away Kittens again. 

Have a look at this Flickr set and let me know if there's anything you like.  I will tell you why it sucks.  If you still want it, we can figure out a way to meet up and hand off the goods.  No payment necessary.  However, if you want to buy me a cocktail ...  I won't say no ;-)

Oh, and the handbuilt vase-thing, has been given away already.

And, finally, to shower a little love, maybe if more parents were as Totally Awesome as these, the Boy Scouts would consider changing their homophobic ways ...

Have a wonderful last day of the workweek tomorrow!

(and, now, to hurry up and publish this before my power goes out ... stupid thunderstorm)


  1. I can't believe you haven't taken your excess/not suitable martini glasses to Good Will. Not only will you be helping those less fabulous/tipsy, but it gives you the excuse to shop for vuboq worthy glasses.

    I wish I had a son to pull out of the scouts.

  2. I love my new bowl. And I never let my boys be Scouts cause I was so disgusted by their philosophies so I can't pull them out, but if I had let them be scouts I would. xoxox

  3. Thanks for the link. I wish the Boy Scouts would change their ways too. Teaching young boys to be homophobic is just wrong.