Friday, August 03, 2012

A Lifetime of Nothing Special

Good Friday Evening, Kittens! 

I may not have had a lifetime of nothing special (yet), but this week was mostly nothing special ... with a few minor exceptions.

On Tuesday, I met Eric (Not From Baltimore) for happy hour.  We went to Central.  I had a yummy cocktail.  It was like a French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon) with the addition of cucumber and Benedictine.  Tasty.  Boozy.  Durnk.

On Wednesday, can you guess what I did?  I'll give you a hint:  It starts with an L and rhymes with "raundry."

Then, on Thursday, I met D (the guy recently out of the 20 year relationship that went all batshit crazy on his ex.  Remember him?) for happy hour.  And, let's just say ... he's still crazy.  Of course, he still wants me.  But that shit ain't happenin'.  Really.  I don't need that kind of crazy in my life right now ... or ever.  I did have many many margaritas though.  and cheese dip.  And that's always a good thing.

Today, after work, I picked up the last of my pottery from the Summer Session.  I am mostly displeased.  I do like the handbuilt thingy pictured above. And the handbuilt bowl I made.  But most of the other things have flaws that make me not love them as much.  You can check out the Summer 2012 Set by clicking, like, here.

If you don't feel like clicking, like, there, here's a photo from the set:

Cracked Bowl

As I went through the pictures, I think I am missing a vase ... I hope I trimmed it and forgot to glaze it.  Otherwise, it, too, is a lost cause ...

AND, I have lots of fun things planned for the weekend.  You will have to wait until Monday (or Tuesday, since I am off on Monday) to read about them. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the bowl. And all the blues you use.
    Good for you for not playing into the crazy.
    Hope your weekend had at least 30 minutes of wonderful : ).