Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Update: A Weekend of Memories

Good Morning, Sweet, Sweet Kittens!  And Happy Memorial Day!  And, OMG, what a weekend I have been having.  *whew*  Boozy Good Times!  Plus, making out with hot boys!  Oh, yeah. 

So, Thursday, after work, I met Bobby (of SteveandBobby) and Jerry for Happy Hour at 9.  Two-for-one drink special = 4 Gins and Tonic.  And a very intoxicated VUBOQ.  We parted early.  I needed food.  And, apparently, a bottle of wine (i didn't drink all of it), which I picked up on my walk home.

Friday morning, someone was a little overhung.  BUT, I managed to survive and headed into the DeeCee to meet Eric (not from Baltimore) for lunch.  A couple of glasses of the hair of the dog and I was good as new.  Yay!

After lunch, I bought new sunglasses (I left my sunglasses at K's house ... and I was tired of squinting.  Squinting causes teh eye wrinklez.  And we don't like those!)

Once home, I did a little cleaning/organizing and napping.  Eric from Baltimore came down around 5.  While we waited for Tomokito to get home from work, we had margaritas.   Yum!  Once Tomokito arrived, we had more margaritas and, then, we headed to Alero in Dupont Circle for (you guessed it!) more margaritas.

Mmmm.  Margaritas.

SCGB joined us and after a few more margaritas, we walked over  Cobalt for bad cheap vodka drinks (which are free from 11 to midnight) and fun fun dancing!

I think we got home around 1AM?

Saturday morning?  Very very very hungover.

In fact, much of the morning and afternoon was spent like this:

Lazy Saturday afternoon

A neighbor brought by a bag of split peas, so I made soup.  Soup made me feel better ... as did the glass of wine I drank while making it.  Chef's Little Helper!  YAY!

That evening, I took C (remember him?) out to dinner to celebrate him earning his phd.  Dinner was very boozy.  We got back to my place, took a walk in the park, and then did lots of making out.  Mmmm. I like making out.  Then, he left.

And I had a little photo session ...

Sunday morning?  Not too overhung.  Yay!  I wandered up to DTSS to meet CJ for brunch.  We were going to go to Austin Grill but it was closed (even though they were supposed to be open.  WTF?).  Instead, we went to Eggspectations.  And, after brunch, we went to see "The Avengers."  Fun film.  Lots of explosions.  After the movie, CJ left.  I bought a bottle of prosecco to take to a party.  And, then, had a bite to eat Lebanese Taverna.

The party was at SCGB's house.  I invited R (remember him?  from Easter brunch?) and he actually came with me.  He is very cute.  And nice.  And he seemed to have fun at the party.  I had fun at the party at least.  Good drinks.  Delicious food.  and Dancing!  R decided to head home so I walked him out.  And we got to make out for a little bit.  Yay!  He is also fun to kiss.  And it was raining.  So I got to have a total Andie MacDowell in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" moment: "Is it raining?  I hadn't noticed." Possibly the worst movie line in the entire history of bad movie lines.  And I got to use it in a real life situation.  Yay me!  Winning!

I would have probably followed him home, except Tomokito was at the party too.  So we returned to Silver Spring together. 

Which brings us to today.  I totally have a shit-ton of house stuff to do. Ironing.  Cleaning. Ugh.  But, this evening, I am going to K's for an adult sleepover.  Yay!

Good times and possibly the Best Weekend EVER!



  1. That probably wouldn't have been the worst movie line ever if it hadn't been delivered by the worst actress in the history of everything, but seeing as it's given me endless joy over the years to say it, I suppose it was worth suffering through it.

  2. You need to do more photo sessions. Making out with hot, cute, black guys IS are adult sleepovers! :) Hangovers, not so much, but as long incredibly fun times were had the night before, eh, what's the problem? :)

    Hey, Pride is in like ten days (or whatever), you gonna come stand with us again? Perhaps accompanied by a hot, cute letter of the alphabet? :) Text or email me about, man!


  3. You sure know how to make the most of a weekend. Nice shades : ).