Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good Saturday Evening, Kittens.

I'm sure most of you are out drinking many many pitchers of liquid sunshine in celebration of this most joyous of (pseudo)holidays, Cinco de Mayo.  For those of you who aren't, here's a brief update on my life ...

Things with D are in a weird holding pattern for right now ... his intriguing backstory (which I don't feel comfortable sharing across the internetz) has reared its ugly head and is causing ... well ... drama.  I'm pretty sure he likes me, but he needs to get his head on straight before anything moves forward, IMHO.

Other than that, work has been yucky (as one would expect).  I have several BIG deadlines approaching.  Ugh.

After work on Friday, my co-worker and I headed to Austin Grill in Silver Spring to celebrate Quatro de Mayo.  My huge nose zit, Stan, joined us.

I bought a lottery ticket.

I did not win.

Today, I ran 7.25 miles.  Then, I headed into the DeeCee to meet my friend (who wants to be more than friends ... it is not -entirely- reciprocated), R.  He was late.  Metro is INSANE this weekend.  Fortunately, Mike (Who Makes Cakes) just happened to be in Dupont Circle at the same time.  So I got to catch up with him (and meet a friend of his who is visiting from San Antonio).  Good times.

R finally arrived and we went to Alero.  $5 Margaritas!  Spinach quesadillas!  FREE Cinco de Mayo Mustaches!  Good times.

And, I came home and packed ...

Yep.  Packed.

I am going on a work trip to Atlanta.  HOT-Lanta!  The City Full of Tasty Menz (so I hear)!  I'll be in training Mon-Fri.  Friday evening, I'll be meeting up with my good friend, Christal, and hanging out with her (and her -no longer a baby- Baby MAC) until my flight back on Saturday morning.  Good times!

If anyone else who reads this blog (all two of you) lives in Atlanta, leave a comment.  Maybe we can hang out!  I love meeting my Kittens :-) ... especially when they buy the drinks (haha!).

I am sure I will have loads of free time in Atlanta (I mean, really, what is there to do there?), so I'll hopefully be able to update a tad more frequently.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I am a fan of facial hair, ersatz or not.

  2. Love love....if I had 14 day notice I would so meet u inhotlanata!

  3. Anonymous, too10:03 PM

    You wear a '70s pornstache very well!

  4. I hope D. fixes his cooked head quickly.
    Not winning the lottery is such a bummer. It's really interfering with my plans!
    Have fun in Atlanta!