Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good Evening, Kittens. 
I guess I need to fill you in on all the fun and excitement of my week.

There was none.


Haha.  I kid.  There was some.  The best part was the celebrating Tomokito's Birthday with many, many margaritas on Monday afternoon, and then trekking into DC for an Adult Sleepover with K (although there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping ... *ahem*).

While I was on my way to his place, he texted and said I should meet him at his friends' house in Columbia Heights.  So I did.  We had drinks there.  His friends are nice.  A showed up (if you remember, it was at A's birthday brunch way back in -like- March where I met K).  Another mutual friend showed up.  We left.  Went back to K's place and commenced Sleeping Over (in an Adult way).

Tuesday morning = UGH.  Actually, most of Tuesday = UGH.  It was a rough day. 

Wednesday, I did laundry.

Thursday, OMG, that's today!  I had to sit through an ALL-DAY Health & Safety Awareness Training.  It was horrible.  Boring.  Tedious.  The chairs were uncomfortable.  Luckily, I had my nook and was able to read a sizable chunk of  Game of Thrones, Book 2.  Once home, I went for a run.  Picked up my dry cleaning.  Ate leftover pizza.  And made myself a FUCKING margarita, because, after a day like today, I fucking DESERVED it!  Oh, hell, yeah!

On the plus side, tomorrow is Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday!  And, I will be meeting the wonderful (yet, shows no mercy word game player) Tornwordo and his hubby for happy hour and dinner.  They are visiting the DeeCee for the weekend.  Huzzah!  Excited!

On Saturday (and this is where the undateable portion comes in), I am going to a Wedding Party.  A good friend of mine got married in April in the US Virgin Islands.  The Happy Couple is having a party/reception/thing here in the DC for their friends.  It should be a blast.  However, Option #1 cancelled last minute.  Options #2-4 are all busy.  Option #5 is CRAY-CRAY, so I'm not even going to ask him.  THUS, I will be going by myself.  GAH.  Let us hope there is at least one other cute, single guy who is fun and chatty and (possibly) drunk and not ashamed to look like an idiot on the dance floor.  On the plus side, my outfit (the party is formal, but not black tie) is Super Cute.  I will probably be the only guy not in a dark suit.  I'm opting for my more summery and hot weather appropriate tan mini houndstooth suit.  Oh, yeah. 

No plans yet for Sunday.  I may be hanging with the Tornwordo again.  But, I also have some errand-y like things to do, too. 

Good times.

Stay tuned for the Weekend Update.


  1. Hooray! Say hi to Torn from me.

  2. I am totally jealous of the Tornwordo meet up.

    I'll be your date for the wedding.

  3. Meetings are the pits. Good luck at the reception. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll meet a fun, good-looking letter of the alphabet.