Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bullet Points

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

It's been awhile, so let's play catch up with a quick, bullet-pointed list of what's been happening.  When I last wrote and update, I was in Atlanta ...

  • The hot guy came over again on Thursday evening (May 10th).
  • It was fun.  BUT, once again, I proved to myself that I really don't enjoy casual hooking up.
  • I need emotional connection as well.
  • May 11th, last day of class.  Yay!  
  • Mexican food with my friend, Christal, and her Very Obstinate 2-year-old, MAC.
  • May 12th, returned to the DeeCee.
  • May 13th, called Mom for Mother's Day.
  • May 14th, Doctor's appointment.  
  • May 15th, registered for the Army 10-Miler and attended a rather uncomfortable Co-op Board Meeting.
  • Also, CSA Farm Share vegetables!  Nom nom nom

Mmmm. Yummy CSA Organic Strawberry, Imma gonna eat you all up.

  • May 16th, did a shit-ton (metric) of laundry.
  • May 17th.  D came over.  We had the oral secks.  And, he got so light-headed he nearly passed out.  Yes.  I am that good.
  • However, I have come to the realization that D is a little Cray-Cray.  And I need to step back slowly.
  • May 18th, I had a job interview.  It went well.
  • And I got my hairs redid.  Yay for blond!

Hairz did. Back to my "natural" color

  • May 19th, I bought some plants for the garden (basil and peppers)
  • Then, I went shopping in DeeCee.
  • And went for margaritas and Mexican food with Mario in Cleveland Park.
  • And then went to the zoo.
  • And then was picked up by a hot guy (K.  Remember him?).
  • And we had the fun oral secks.  And a nap.
  • Then I took the metro home and ate frozen pizza and gelato.
  • And drank wine.
  • May 20th (today!), I planted the plants I bought yesterday.  
  • I'm going to Adega for lunch.
  • And then I need to iron
  • And call my parents
  • And have drinks with Tomoko.
  • And watch a movie.
  • And write my interview thank you emails.
*whew*  Do you feel all caught up now?

Hope your weekend has been fabulous!


  1. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY ain't so bad when there's secks mixed in! :)

  2. I bought strawberries and ironed, too. What's your favorite animal at the zoo?

  3. Having the sechs makes everything else okay. :) And Michelle M., I love watching the pandas and the National Zoo! :)