Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Week Update: A Whole Lotta Shit's Been Happenin' Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

Apologies for the lack of the updates.  I've been busy.  Last week, I met this new guy.  Let's call him "D."  D is totally my physical type: tallish, my age, dark-skinned, bald, and thick. He's also very into running. And, he's an early riser.  He gets up before I do.  So, last week, our first "date" was on Tuesday.  We went for a 3.5 mile run together.  Wednesday and Thursday, he came over in the mornings after his run and we had the very hot oral secks.  We did not meet up over the weekend, because I was in the New York City.

I had been planning to visit the NYC for quite some time.  Namely, to see David in the Gilbert and Sullivan show, Utopia, Ltd.  But, as it turns out, there was another reason for me to go: There was a DNA hit on a bandana recovered at the scene of my mugging in Brooklyn last year.  The guy the bandana was linked to is a Very Bad Kid, part of a gang that has been linked to multiple muggings, burglaries, home invasions, and rape.  The ADA wanted me to come up and testify to the Grand Jury.  Of course, I'm willing to do whatever I can (and they paid to change my train ticket).

So, I arrived Very Late on Friday evening.  I went straight to Jake's place.  We chatted.  I crashed.  In the morning, we went to Enid's to have brunch:

Fried jalapeno cheese grits at Enid's!Hello, Fried Jalapeno Cheese Grits.  Get in my belleh!

After brunch, we ran a few errands, watched some Game of Thrones, Season 1, and, then, headed into Manhattan.  Stop #1?  UNI-QLO, aka the Greatest Store EVER.  We went to the new one near Penn Station. This was a recon mission only.  I didn't want to drag bags of clothes around with me, so I scouted out what I wanted, took pics, made mental notes, and prepared to come back on Monday afternoon before my train home.

Then, we grabbed a bite to eat at a cute little Mexican place.  Nom.  And, then, we headed to the show.

Waiting for the show to begin

It was really good.  Not nearly as boring as I expected.  Lots of cute boys in the cast.  Not enough homo-eroticism, though.  David was fabulous, of course.  After the show, David, Jake, and I walked to Fetch, which is the bar where the cast always hangs out after the show.  Good times.  I got home very late.

On Sunday morning, I left around 10ish to meet Nida at the Highline.  I got to meet her son, who is a total cutie-patootie.  He fell asleep and we had a lovely Thai lunch.  Nom nom nom.  And, then, we walked around for quite a bit, catching up.  I am so jealous, because Nida is moving to Italy this summer.  On the bright side, I have a wonderful reason to visit Italy in the next couple of years!  Yay!

After Nida (and her son) left, Jake met me in Union Square and we headed to Hell's Kitchen to meet my Burmese friend, Min.  We had a plan to go to one bar, Industry, but it was dead.  So we found this other place that had patio seating and $5 happy hour margaritas.  oh, yeah....


After that, we headed back to Industry.  It was still dead, but 2 for 1 drinks!  YAY!  And, free yo-yos.  Mmmhmm.  You heard me.  Free.  Yo-yos.


One of Min's friends joined us and we went to a little Thai place for dinner.

After dinner, we parted ways.  Jake and I watched more Game of Thrones. And then I went to bed.

Monday was a big day!  Grand Jury Testimony!  Unfortunately, I left the address of where I was supposed to meet the ADA at home (in Silver Spring. oops).  Jake and I thought we had figured out the correct address.

We hadn't.  I got to the address, went to the 18th floor, told the security guard who I was supposed to meet, and he was all, "I don't know who that is."

And I was all, "Well, this is a problem."

Fortunately, I had her phone number.  I called.  She didn't answer.  I left a message.  And PANICKED!

Haha.  No, I didn't.  I thanked the Lord GAWD Almighty, Bill Gates, for inventing the smart phone.  I looked up the Brooklyn DA's office online, found a number for the Gang Bureau, and spoke to a lovely woman who said, "STAY PUT.  SHE'S COMING TO FIND YOU."

Luckily, staying put is one of the things I do best.

And, she did.  Well, one of the officers who assisted me when I was mugged, and was also testifying, recognized me and found me.  And, the, I testified.  The ADA said it went well.  We headed back to her office so I could be reimbursed for my train ticket expenses.  And, then, I headed to Manhattan to meet Ray for lunch.

We went to the Coffee Shop on Union Square.  Hello, strawberry caipirinha!  So super tasty. I may have had two.  Then, we went to ... you guessed it! ... Uni-Qlo!  It was so much fun.  Here's the haul:

The HaulWhy, yes, those are HOUNDSTOOTH JEANS that you see

Two pairs of cute jeans.  Two dress shirts.  One supercute hoodie.  3 t-shirts.  6 pairs of socks.  $200.  Not.  Too. Shabby.

After our crazy shopping excursion, Ray had to go back to work.  Boo.  I went to the train station.  And had just enough time for 2 beers, bathroom, and buying food before boarding the train home.

I got back to my place a little before 9PM.  Sweet.  Other NYC photos are here.

This morning, D came over.  We had superfun multi-orgasmic buttsecks.  And, then,  I went to work.

So ... How was your week/weekend?



  1. Is there ever enough homo-eroticism?

    Yay for successfully participating in the criminal justice system.

  2. the sechs BEFORE work! Nice. I can't do that, as I wake up with just enough time to shower and get to work on time-ish. But when Kris stays over and I don't have to go to work....yeah, First Thing In The Morning Bedtimesexxy fun is simply the mostest!

    Glad you had a fun trip!

    Maybe I'll meet D during the parade next month???? :)


  3. Look at you, cleaning up the streets of New York! That is a great haul - I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of you sporting the houndstooth jeans.
    Sounds like you had a fun and productive week.