Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Thinly Veiled Insult

Good Evening, Kittens!

The other day, I received the following anonymous comment on a post:

You may think this is a complement but you're too thin and bald is not a good look on you.

Now, I can't really do much about the balding part. It's genetic. Stupid receding hairline. At least the Colornatrix can disguise it until I have one very thin, very long, blond hair wrapped around my scalp.

As for the "too thin" part, I am 6 feet tall and I weigh somewhere between 135-140 pounds.

My Primary Care Physician is not concerned about my weight. My assumption is that those of you who are making comments about me being too thin are not my Primary Care Physician (of course, if you are, I think you should tell me in person and not by making anonymous comments on my blog. That's why I (well, my insurance company) pay you the big bucks). In fact, I seriously doubt that you, Anonymous Commenters, even hold a medical degree.

I eat healthy food (most of the time). I take a couple of vitamin supplements. I exercise regularly. Pretty much all of the people who have seen me naked have not been disappointed. And I am happy with my weight. Can you say the same?

So, to all of the Anonymous people out there who think I am "too thin," I say this ... and I say it as nicely as I know how ... Fuck you.

I will add that if you *still* think I am "too thin," why don't you spend some time looking at these pictures ... and, then, instead of criticizing me, go donate some of the money you would have spent stuffing Twinkies (or HoHos - depending on where your proclivities lie) into your fat face to this organization (or another one that devotes its time to feeding and providing healthcare to people in need).

Have a great night!


  1. IANYD (I am not your doctor), but your thinness is probably just as genetic as your receding hair. And if it makes you feel any better, and it damn well ought to, at least you're male. I also have receding hair, but I'm a girl so I'm even more fucking traumatized than you are, probably.

  2. I think you're adorable, and I'm not even in the appropriate demographic. So, fuck 'em.

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    VUBOQ, you are very handsomely thin and you have great hair. What a krazy komment.
    scgb's s

  4. Alas, my hair is receding faster than Rush Limbaugh's radio sponsors.

    Anonymous commentators are annoying. How hard is to at least create a pseudonym?

  5. Ditto on the "Fuck 'Em"....

  6. Anonymous, too11:31 PM

    Had to delurk for this one. Someone said you're too thin??? Slender enough to make a lot of people jealous, yes. Poster boy for anorexia or malnutrition, no.

    As for a receding hairline -- almost everyone's hair will thin, recede, and/or just plain disappear if they live long enough. Besides, I find that mine is just migrating to more interesting, sexier places!

  7. As my brother always says, there's a category for stupid people and it's called "WRONG!" -- which is exactly what that commentor was. You are a darling!

  8. eduardo8:19 AM

    I'd do you.

  9. Your anonymous commenter misspelled "compliment." Why would you even consider his opinion?

    I am agnostic on the question of body type, but it is not uncommon for runners and vegetarians to tend towards the willowy.

  10. Well I wish I was as thin as you !!!!!!

    Haters just jealous because your fan club spans across the US.


  11. Very well said. :)

    I'm a bit disturbed though, but EC stealing my signoff line!


  12. What the hell is wrong with people? You are perfect as is!

  13. My dad was always thin, and he caught a lot of shit for it. He and my mom used to argue about whether it was worse to be judged for being too thin or too fat, but I think all body shaming is bullshit. I hope the asshole didn't ruin your day.