Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Update: The Best Weekend of the Year Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens!

So, yesterday, was the Best Day of the Year! I hope you spent it the way God intended: Spending some quiet time reflecting on the Awesomeness of VUBOQ and then getting stupid drunk. At least, that's pretty much what I did ...

On Friday, I had the day off (yay!). I did lots of shopping and cleaning. Having a (mostly) clean house is sooooooo nice. Late that afternoon, FedEx stopped by. I had a package! Someone sent me this:

It's a t-shirt! And SUPERCUTEZ! (In fact, I'm wearing it right now). There was no note, so thank you, Mystery Person, for the t-shirt! I *heart* it.

Saturday morning, I slept in! Yay! Until, like, 9. Isabella wouldn't let me sleep any later. Silly kitteh. I opened up my birthday package from my parents. It was chock full of goodies! Cookies! Cheese biscuits! Gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Jaleo! Yay!

Then, I went for a 7 mile run. I set a 10K PR - 55:18. Go me! (Of course, while I was struggling through 7 tedious miles, Tomokito was running the DC National Marathon. Crazypants!)

After getting cleaned up, I took myself out to lunch for my traditional Saint Patrick's Day meal:

Traditional St. Paddy's Day lunch. Spinach enchiladas. What?Spinach Enchiladas. Very Irish.

And, then, back home to nap and get ready for my birthday party. The theme of the party was 42nd Street (the movie musical). I told everyone to wear black and white and we'd watch the movie and have champagne cocktails.

For the cocktails, I made flavored simple syrups. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's Ginger Sparklers recipe. In addition to ginger syrup, I also made lemon, blueberry, and jalapeno. I was planning on making garam masala syrup too, but I didn't have enough sugar (and I was too lazy to go back to the store).

Here's the set-up:

From l-r: Blueberry, Jalapeno, Lemon, and Ginger

And here's the spread:

Houndstooth Napkins! *squeee!*

And the decorations:

And the cake:

by Mike (Who Makes Cakes)

The cake is pistachio. Mike used my mom's recipe. She used to make me pistachio cake for my birthday every year. So it tasted like my childhood. And, the fondant he used to make the buildings was chocolate fondant. And really good. I don't usually like fondant, either. Nom nom nom.

I have a shit-ton of cake leftover. So, who's coming over to eat some?

The party was a blast! We drank about 7 bottles of champagne. The last guest left a little after 1. I quickly tidied up and went to bed. More pictures are on flickr.

Today I have done nothing but blob on the sofa.

It was definitely the Best Day of the Year and the Best Weekend of the Year, too!

Have a great day!


  1. YAY for a happy birthday!! Hope the rest of the year is just as awesome for you!!

  2. Looks like the best day of the year. Love that cake! When I saw the pic on facebook I wondered if it was by Mike (who makes cakes). Were I closer to DC I'd come over for some day-after-birthday- cake.

  3. Aw, man! I wish I had been there! What a great theme. Love the decor and the cake.
    Hope you have a wonderful 42nd year!

  4. Happy day! You have the funnest parties, methinks.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    I was just out "Blog Hopping" and happened upon you. So glad that I did. You're very funny and as I read some of your previous posts, found myself LOL'ing for real. :)

    Anyhow, it looks like you had a wonderful party. Congratulations. :)