Saturday, March 31, 2012

Philadelphia: Gelato Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

As you may recall, I am on a kind of Work Hiatus, which, I just found out has been extended to -possibly- April 16th. WTF ... but, today, is not the day to focus on the clusterfuckery that is my job. That will come later. I promise.

Anyway, so during this Hiatus, I decided to take a little trip to PHILADELPHIA!!!! I love the City of Brothers Who Love. Mostly, because I have some SuperCool Friends there. BUT, also, because it has really good food and gelato and interesting buildings and history and cobblestones and lots and lots of very hot men.

So, I departed my abode early Wednesday morning, boarded a MegaBus, and was off! I arrived at 30th Street Station around 1:30. I met Lora at Parc for a late (and very boozy) lunch. Then, we walked over to my hotel, the Latham, so I could check in. The ceiling in my bathroom was mirrored (well, reflective). This cracked us up.


Lora had to go back to work (or something). I took a nap. Around 5:30, I headed over to this supercute vegetarian restaurant, Vedge, to meet my friend, Vic, for happy hour. The happy hour was awesome! This is the menu:

Korean! Seitan! Taco! FTW! at Vedge in PhillyI may (or may not) have had one of everything.

Vic, who sings in the Gay Men's Chorus of Philadelphia, had to go to a rehearsal. I hung out at the bar for a little while longer, chatting up a group of drunk runner-ladies. Then, I headed up the street for some gelato (pictured above): Dark Chocolate and Thai Coconut. NOMZ!

I was tired and a little drunk, so I headed back to the hotel and ended up watching a Die Hard Movie Marathon. Cable! It is so exciting! (srsly)

Thursday morning, I slept late. And blobbed around the hotel room until 11 or so, when I left to meet Lora for lunch at this kind of dive-y little vegetarian restaurant, Govinda's Vegetarian.

Veggie Cheesesteak at Govinda'sGet the "chicken" cheesesteak.

After lunch, we walked up the street for (can you guess?) more gelato. This time, I had dark chocolate and orange/cardamom.

UntitledOne of us may (or may not) have died and gone to heaven.

After that, we headed over to some restaurant (I can't remember the name. It had "buzz" in it mabye), to share a bottle of wine. Lora, then, had to go (*sad face*), so I went back to the hotel for a nap.


Once I awoke, I headed to Tria for dinner. But, it was PACKED! So, I went to Farmer's Cabinet for several cocktails, whilst my Team of Philadelphia Food Experts tried to figure out where I should eat. I ended up at Vintage. I think it's a wine bar. They're veggie burger was superyummerz. Nom.

Solitary dinner at Vintage

Well-fed, I left the restaurant to get more gelato ... this time I tried Cashew and Bananas Foster. So tasty! But it didn't photograph well (the colors were too similar. Oh, well). As I was eating my gelato, Vic texted. He was getting out of rehearsal. We met up and went to the drinking part of a Hashing event. The people there were very friendly (and quite drunk). Good times.

Vic and I went back to my hotel and, um, talked?

And, then, in the morning, I staggered around packing, checked out, and met Lora for a final (non-boozy) meal at Cosi. Then, I walked to a likker store to buy some Bluecoat Gin (so yummy), made my way to the bus stop, and headed home.

Once back in the DeeCee, I headed to my hair appointment (after a pitstop at Chipotle). Yay for being re-blonded.

After my appointment, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and some of his co-workers for drinks/food at Cafe Ole. And, then, we went to American University's drama department's performance of "The Putnam County Spelling Bee" (or something like that). Very cute.

And, then, I came home and fell asleep. The end!

Have a beautiful Saturday. The rest of the photos are here.


  1. I can't believe you had gelato twice in one day. You're a wild man I tell you. Wild.

    I would love the coconut and chocolate. It would be like a gelato coconut chocolate bar. Mmmm Glad you had fun. When we were in Philly we went to that old fashioned ice-cream parlor. I don't remember the name. But I think gelato is better.

  2. Anonymous, too4:42 AM

    Ummmmmm, that chocolate gelato looks like heaven, tho I might have paired it with a raspberry or fresh-from-the-garden peppermint gelato myself. Now I might have to visit PA just for the frickin' gelato!!!

  3. How are you not 500 pounds?

  4. Gelato at least helped take some of the sting away from the clusterfuckery, no?