Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Weekend Update: It's a New Year Edition!

Good Evening, Kittens!  And Happy (motherfucking) New Year!  2013!  Can I get a "w00t w00t?"

ANYWAYz, my weekend was pretty awesome (and five days long!).  Friday was my flex-day.  I spent most of the day running errands and stuff.  Very exciting.  In the evening, my co-worker and I had tickets to see "White Christmas" at the Kennedy Center.  However, she texted to say that she had the flu!  GAH!  So, I had to find a replacement date!  Everyone I asked already had plans.  I eventually texted R, the young and well-hung ex-Marine, and -as it turns out- he was free for the evening.

So he was my very sexy date to see "White Christmas" ... which was absolutely amazing!  YAY!  I'm still sort of singing "Sisters.  Sisters" in my head.

Saturday, I ran errands for most of the morning and afternoon.  I also pickled a shit-ton (metric) of CSA radishes:

Giant jar of pickled radishes.

And, then, in the afternoon, I headed to Union Station to begin my trip to Philadelphia, the City of Brothers Who Love!

V from Philly picked me up at 30th Street Station, and we went back to his place so I could freshen up.  Then, we walked over to his South Philly (sort of) neighbor, Lora's annual Holiday Bash-o-Rama.  Boozy Good Times.  And perhaps the most delicious cookies (Eggnog Cookies) that I have ever eaten in my life.  Lots of food.  Tons of Booze!  Really great people.  Here is the one picture I took at the party ...

We may (or may not) have started doing shots of bourbon

I really thought we left the party early, but the following day, when I woozily checked my phone.  It seemed we didn't get home until 12:45.  Someone (and that someone was me) was a little fuzzy for most of the morning (and some of the afternoon).

V from Philly went to get donuts for us from Federal Donuts.  Yum.

And, then, we went shopping.  I needed to buy something fun to wear to the New Year's Eve parties (yes.  parties) we were planning to attend.  We ended up at Macy's and I bought a sparkly bowtie.

Then, we worked our way to Society Hill, where we met a group of V from Philly's friends and we went to a show at the Society Hill Playhouse, "Cooking with the Calamari Sisters."  It was funny.  I laughed.  And, then, we went to eat at some brewery/restaurant.  I had a falafel burger.  It was ok.

On the way home, we stopped at a german brewery type place.


Monday, V from Philly had to work.  So, I slept in, and, then, walked over to Lora's to chat and eat and drink and chat.  And, then, chat some more.

I got back to V from Philly's around 2ish.  And, since I had purchased a bowtie, I needed to learn how to tie the fucking thing.  So, he showed me.  It took many hours and hours of practice, but I did it:


After we got all that figured out, we showered and got ready for our first event, a Fireworks Viewing Party in Society Hill.  We were a little early, so we stopped at a bar for a drink.  And, then, walked to the party.  The host other guests were from V from Philly's running group.  We drank.  We ate.  We watched the fireworks from the 29th floor (see photo at the beginning of this post).  Then, we hopped in a cab to head back to V from Philly's place for a costume change before the next party.

After getting all gussied up, we walked to V from Philly's friends' awesome place somewhere (near the art museum, I think).  They have the penthouse apartment.  Pretty sweet. The wife is a certified hula hoop instructor (did you know there was even such a thing?).  We dropped off some booze and a dip that V made, had a few drinks, and, then, walked over to another party about 2 blocks away.  That party was full of V from Philly's running group friends.  It was a total bachelor pad.  It smelled.  I was scared to sit down.  But, the people were super-friendly.  We chatted.  We drank.  I was a little nervous about the food.

Around 11-ish, we decided to head back to the penthouse party (the food was not so scary.  and it didn't smell). We chatted.  We drank.  We ate.  We drank more.  Midnight came.  We hugged.  We kissed.  We started drinking champagne straight from the bottle.

At some point, V from Philly said, "I am drunk.  Let's go home."  And, even though we had a ride home line up, he didn't want  wait.  So, we took a cab home.  We got home.  V from Philly passed out on the bed.  I stayed up for a bit.  Had another beer.  Reflected on the year.  And then went to bed.

When I woke up this morning?  Very.  Over.  Hung.  Blurgh.  Champagne.  I blame the champagne. V from Philly made breakfast (eggs and grits) and coffee.  I discovered I had a string of bugbites on my shoulder and back.  I hope they aren't bedbug bites.

We decided to go for a run.  And, we passed by some of the Mummers Parade.  The run really helped my hangover.  We got back.  I looked at the time.  And kind of freaked.  I only had about an hour before I needed to head to the train station.

Luckily, I got to the station just in time (and I even was able to squeeze in a little more "fun" with V from Philly before leaving).  The train ride was uneventful.  Now I am home, dreading going back to work tomorrow ... but I guess I will survive.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and that 2013 is SuperWonderful for you all :-)



  1. Apparently V from Philly and I are of a mind when it comes to NYD breakfast.

  2. That's a lot of partying! Love the tie : ).
    Happy New Year to you!