Monday, January 14, 2013

Big News

Good morning, kittens.

If you are my friend on the facebooks, you have already heard my Big News so just play along like this is all new information.

On Friday, I submitted my 2-week notice.  Yay!  I am leaving the current job which is full of the crazy people, the stupid people, and the people who do things that are downright illegal.  YAY!

I received my initial offer letter for my new job the week before Thanksgiving.  BUT, because I had to do some security stuffs, I didn't get official notification until last Friday.  I will be part of a team of 5 people who facilitate the nationwide environmental programs for a government agency.   I won't tell you the name of the government agency but it rhymes with Rug Renforcement Ragency.

It is a contract position.  My new company is a small contracting company based in Alabama.  The staff there all have cute Southern accents.  The contract is for five years.  Yay!  Job security!

Plus, I am getting a HUGE raise (like almost 50%).  The benefits are not as good as my current company's, but ... um ... I think the HUGE raise will make up for that.  YAY!

I think the commute might be a little shorter, too!

On the downside, I will no longer have my two Mondays off per month.  Boo.  But, with shorter working hours and a slightly shorter commute, maybe I will have time to do things in the evening now.  Yay!

So, anyway, it's a very exciting time as I transition out of my current crazypants position and prepare for a new adventure.  With 25% travel! To exciting places ... like Philadelphia!  And other places (I haven't been informed of all my sites yet)!  Yay!

And, now, I will stop rambling. 

I'll fill you in on my weekend later ... but here's a teaser:  It was a boozy, sex-filled romp of a weekend!



  1. Yay for environmentally sound rugs. Congrats and that's a nice huge raise which hopefully makes up for lost benefit.

  2. Yeah ! A new start to a new year! Congrats and best wishes that this job is a purrrrfect fit!

  3. A new job, better pay AND a booze and sex-filled weekend? That calls for a double YAY!

    YAY! YAY!


  4. Super good news! Congrats!

  5. More Yays than Boos! Congratulations - I'm so happy for you!

  6. So proud of you!

  7. As usual, I'm many days late (and many dollars short...)... Congratulations on the new job! I can't imagine what the poor rugs have done that require reinforcing, but if anyone can do it, you definitely can!

    -Dr. Liz, and not Fiona the dog, who may or may not be responsible for some rugs requiring reinforcement (but she's keeping her lips zipped on that topic).

  8. Yay! Happy for you! You need to come on up and visit with all that extra cash. Wonder what kind of people work at the RRR. I would imagine uptight conservative types. Hope that's not the case.