Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Update: Inaugural Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

I feel like I skipped a weekend, but did you really want to read about my crazy sex-filled weekend?  I didn't think so ...

So, on with the show!

This weekend was uberfuntastic!

On Friday, Jake from NYC came to visit from NYC.  I met him at the Union Station.  While waiting for him, my co-worker and I had drinks at a bar in the station.  A second story bar.  That kept swaying whenever a train passed through.  Um. Queasiness!

Also, the beer they served was bad.

ANYWAY, Jake arrived safely.  We came back to Silver Spring and had dinner (somewhere ... hm.  I don't remember where).

Then, on Saturday, V from Philly came down.  The three of us chilled out for a bit.  Then, had lunch at Adega.  Nomz.

That evening, we decided to head into town.  V from Philly looked up metro directions to the bar (Number 9 on P Street), and I remember looking at those directions and thinking "Hm.  I haven't been that way before.  So maybe it will be an exciting new adventure."

It was!  BECAUSE, the directions took us to 9 P St.  Not the bar Number 9.  We were over a mile away from the bar.  Oops.  BUT, as luck would have it.  We were also very near Mike (Who Makes Cakes)'s house.  We stopped by there.  Mike opened champagne.  We drank it while watching "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" ... which, if you can suspend belief in research lab protocols, was pretty entertaining.

Then, we took the bus to Logan Circle area and ate dinner at ... um ... some Mexican place.  Veggie Enchiladas!  YAY!

Then, we went home and watched "Kill Bill, Vol. 1," because someone (V from Philly) had never seen it.  WTF?

The next day (aka Sunday) we drove over to Bethesda for lunch at Taylor's Gourmet.  Sandwiches.  V from Philly wanted to try it because the owners are from Philly and all the sandwiches and salads are named after streets/parks/landmarks there.  We had the Wharton St (which is the street V from Philly lives on).  Tasty.  Ish.

After that, Jake went to the museums and V from Philly and I went to the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg (so. far. away).  V from Philly is a HUGE beer nut.  So, we had to try lots of beers.  And watch football.

I am sad because the Falcons lost.  I was totally hoping for a Falcons vs. Ravens BATTLE OF THE BIRDS SUPER BOWL!  Wouldn't that have been awesome?  Tippi Hedren could've done the coin toss!  (She's still alive, y'know.  The Birds didn't kill her ...)

I also came up with the idea of Dogfishing ... using the Dogfish Head coasters as a filter for photos.  Too fun.  Here's a Dogfished bag of potato chips:

And here's Dogfished Me:

We got back to Casa de Esteban and ordered pizza.  Yum.  Pizza.  And I made V from Philly watch Kill Bill, Vol. 2.

Jake didn't get home until late from all of his fun-ness.

On Monday, we decided to try to find a place to have brunch and watch the Inauguration (mainly because (1) Brrr.  It was cold and (2) We didn't get up early enough to deal with the lines and security).

We got reservations at Ulah Bistro on U Street, which was perfect! And, in a totally Only in DC Moment, during the Inaugural Address, the practically packed bar/restaurant was dead silent.  It was awesome.  At one point, someone dropped her fork and this guy beside us shushed her.  HA!  (He told her he was joking.  It was funny).

After Brunch with Obama (on the TV), Jake headed to the parade.  V from Philly and I wandered through some shops and then went to Nellie's.

Where guess who we ran into?  Mike (Who Makes Cakes)!  I swear he is totally stalking me.

More boozy good times.  Then, V from Philly and I left.  Had dinner in Silver Spring at the Quarry House.  Came back to my place.  Jake was already back.

V from Philly left.  Jake and I went to a cute little Thai place so he could grab some grub.

And, then, back home to get ready for a busy (not really) work week.

My job ends on Friday!  YAY!
New one starts on Monday!  Double YAY!

Hope your weekend was just as delightful!


  1. Not even a week off between jobs? That's kind of poopy.

    I was hoping for a battle of the birds, too.

    Good luck with the new job. They're lucky to have you!

  2. You are constantly surrounded by out of town cuties! Lucky dog. Sounds like a busy, hectic, alebit fun, weekend! YAY!