Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Good Friday Evening!

It's been awhile since my last post ... and this is why:

Why, yes, that is (errr ... was) my kitchen.  It is being renovated.  There has been drama, Drama, and DRAAAAAAAAMA.  And, that was all on Day 1.  BUT, I am saving those stories for a long post once everything is completed (hopefully soon!).  In the meantime ...

Things with M (not the one in Vegas.  the one here) have been heating up.

Last weekend, he rented a hotel room at Rouge in DC.  So, we checked in.  Had hot hotel sex.  Then,  we had dinner at Estadio (a tapas restaurant).  Then, we went back to the hotel and had more hot hotel sex.  Then, we went to sleep.  And, then, we woke up and had more hot hotel sex.  And, then, we had brunch.  Good times.

We have talked about seeing how we get along with y'know not having hot sex and just conversing.  So, Monday (or was it Tuesday?), he asked if he could come over, and I said sure.  But no sex!

And we did NOT have sex.  OMG. It was difficult because he is so. hot.  But, the cuddling was nice.  as was the conversation.

And, then, he asked *that* question:

"What are you doing for Valentine's Day?"

And I gave *that* response:

"Sitting at home, alone, drinking champagne and eating chocolate" ... because, y'know, that is fun!  And pretty much describes an almost perfect evening.

So, then, he said, "Maybe I could come over and we could have dinner.  I will bring wine or something."

And, I said, "That would be awesome.  Except I have no kitchen." (See above photo).

So, he said, "OK. You provide the booze and I will bring dinner."

And, that is what we did.  Drank champagne.  Ate carbtastic take-out.  Talked.

And fucked like rabbits on their honeymoon.

Do rabbits even have honeymoons?

He brought me a card.  And a box of chocolates.  Life is like that, I understand.

We got up this morning.  Late.  Because the kitchen guys had turned off the electric at some point and I set my alarm incorrectly.  BUT, fortunately, I thought I might do that so I also set my phone alarm.

Sometimes, I am not as dumb as I look.

So we got up.  Late.  May (or may not) have had a little bit of quicky something-something.  I kicked him out. Hopped in the shower.  And made it to work.  Just. In. Time.

Which brings us to this weekend ...  the kitchen is still Under Construction.

AND, V from Philly is coming down, arriving in a few hours.  He bought tickets to the GMCW concert on Saturday.

I feel at some point someone's heart is going to be broken.  This is what happens when you play with love.  People get burned.

BUT, hello, UPS.  My cute new shoes have arrived.  I must away.



  1. marathonmom7:01 PM

    FINALLY..... I have been dying to hear bout the reno. I wanted to tell you when I did mine, I should have just thrown shit away instead of boxing it all up. Because after 6 months the stuff I never put back got tossed anyway. Can't wait to see the finished project!!!!!!!
    Happy belated Vday xoxoxo!

  2. Rabbits most definitely have honeymoons. Just not nearly often as we would like.

  3. Mmm. Chocolate and champagne.

    We had our kitchen done once upon a time. It was a nightmare. Hope your new kitchen comes in on time and on budget. And hurray for having a great excuse not to cook in the meantime!

  4. I feel at some point someone's heart is going to be broken. This is what happens when you play with love. People get burned.

    Don't I know it. Part of the news I never shared with you. But now it's over so oh well. And someone's heart did get broken.