Monday, February 04, 2013

Weekend Update: Snow, Sex, and Super Bowl Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

As I am waiting for K-Factor to get home from her meeting (so she can drive us to Pottery Class), I thought I'd take a few minutes to update you on my fun-filled weekend.

Friday night, the plans I thought I had turned out to be plans for this coming Friday.  Oops.  Calendar Entry Error!  So, I spent the night at home.  Alone.  Eating gelato and watching "Milk."  Which, btw, was fabulous.  And made me cry.  Bastards!

And, it snowed.  WTF? (other than it being cold.  and winter, i mean.  This isn't forking Canadia or something).

Saturday, I did errand-like things.  And sort of thought about cleaning.  In the late afternoon, Tomokito came down and we drank many cocktails and talked of many things.  SCGB and his SCBF were supposed to join us, but SCGB had the sniffles.  Or he hates me.

Saturday evening, Mike (Who Makes Cakes) invited me out ... but, um, it was cold.  And, WTF?, it was snowing again.  So, I stayed in.  Where it was warm and toasty and there was booze.  I watched some of "Dr. Zhivago" ... You, my dear, are a slut!  Oh, how I love that movie.

On Sunday, I went for a run.  6 miles.

And, then I ironed 6 shirts.

And, I may have had a martini.

I also made chili.  Chocolate Bourbon Black Bean and Lentil Chili.

I over-estimated the amount of cayenne pepper necessary.  Oops.  Spicy.

And, then, M (not the one in Vegas) came over.  We had "fun."  Then, he wanted to go somewhere to watch the Super Bowl.

First, we went to Galaxy Billiards.  They had a $5 cover (srsly? what?).  Neither of us had cash, so we ended up at McGinty's Pub.  They had no cover.  And appetizer specials.

We got there as the 3rd Quarter was beginning (I mentioned that we were having "fun" before, right?).  I am sad that I missed Bouncy and her half-time extravaganza.  But not that sad.

Of course, as soon as we sat down and ordered beerz, the power in the stadium went out.

BEHOLD, the Power of VUBOQ!

Eventually, the power came back on, but we had finished our beerz and eaten some fries.  So, we headed back to my place.  Where we may (or may not) have had some more "fun."

And, then, we fell asleep.

And had more "fun" this morning.

And I was still 15 minutes early for work.  Oh, yeah!


I hope you, too, had a snowy, sexy, booze-filled weekend!


  1. Well, it snowed.

  2. I didn't have snow, but otherwise had a sexy, booze-filled weekend. Sunday was especially enjoyable. And "fun."

  3. The only acceptable reason to miss the Super Bowl is because of 'fun'. That excuse can be used in nearly any situation. :)


  4. Well, it wasn't sexy or snowy, but there was booze!

    I made a lentil stew last week. Harry suggested I put lentils in a chili. Maybe I should try your recipe (though I'm a little wary of the chocolate part).