Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

Yesterday ...

I went to work.
I had happy hour with friends.
I drank too much (four tom collinses).
I may (or may not) have made out with a guy who I used to date, who (later that evening) may (or may not) have made out with another guy in our group who I thought was rillyrilly cute.
Except I left early.
Because I was a little drunk.
So, rillyrilly cute guy became Fair Game.
I started texting guys in my phone who I haven't texted in a longlong time.
Some of them texted back.
I watched "Despicable Me."
I went to bed.

Today ...

I woke up.
I managed to get out of bed.
I may (or may not) have been a little overhung.
I walked to the Whole Foods.
I baked cookies.
3 dozen peanut butter cookies.
Almost 5 dozen snickerdoodles.
I used my new kitchenaid standmixer.
It's red.
 My new shoes arrived.
They are also red.
One dozen of the snickerdoodles cooked for too long.
They are like brickerdoodles.
 I tried to take a nap.
I couldn't sleep.
I watched "Despicable Me" again.
I pickled carrots.
I thought about going out to eat.
But, I decided to make lemony green bean salad with feta.  And pasta with pesto.
And 1 martini.  Maybe 2.
I thought about this blog.  And what I'm going to do with it.
And I still don't know.
I have eaten A LOT of cookies.

Tomorrow ...

I will run 10 miles.
I will eat more cookies.
I will iron many shirts.
I will have dinner and cocktails with Tomokito.
I will prepare for work.
I will not be sad.
I will not be lonely.
I will not miss him more than I already do.
I will miss him less.
And less.
And less.
Until he doesn't exist.

And, the Day After Tomorrow ...

That's a rillyrilly bad movie.
But you should watch it.
Just for the scene where the HeroTeens outrun the cold.




  1. Brickerdoodles could be crumbled over ice cream. Just sayin'.
    I'm sorry he wasn't worthy of you. Xo

  2. brickerdoodles is an awesome name, even if I'm sure the cookies themselves suck.

    Time heals all wounds, or so they say, sweetie. But they don't say anything about healing quickly. The bastards.

    stay strong. Love ya.


  3. Aw, sorry about the heartbreak. Man, there are a lot of frogs out there. Hope your prince comes soon.

    (Brickerdoodles - love it!)

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Come back, Stephen.Your therapy should be using your supreme writing skills. Vent it all out.

  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Don't go away, Steven. Your supreme writing can be your therapy. Channel your anger and blog it!