Saturday, March 08, 2014

Catching Up + Pottery

Good evening, Kittens!

How the heck did it become March already?  On the plus side of the time flying is that it is almost the Best Day of the Year!  YAY!

What happened last month?  Hmmmm ... M and I had a bit of a spat, but we made up. I went to Detroit for work.  Detroit.  In February.  I kinda hate my boss (except, I really like my boss(es) and they felt bad about sending me to Detroit, so I also get to go to Miami in May.  Oh, yeah~!).  BUT, I did get to hang out with the SuperFantastic Cuzin and (the blogger formerly known as) GayProf.

As is my usual MO, I also made pottery.  Here are some photos:

A flower pot, because I accidentally put my finger through the bottom while painting on the slip design ... oops


An OK ish mug


A teacuppy thing (obviously I need to work on my handle pulling)


A Japanese-style teacup (because it was too dry to attach a handle.  bah.)


A bowl with some glaze crawl (maybe it gives it personality?)


And, possibly, the best thing I've glazed in a long time


It's a little heavy, but I kind of love it.

Pottery ends next week.  I am, of course, continuing with my "studies." 

In other news, I am running the St. Patrick's Day 8K tomorrow in DC, and, next weekend, I am traveling to Virginia Beach to run the St. Patrick's Day Half-Marathon.  Wish me luck!  And, fingers crossed that my back holds out.

*big smooches*

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  1. So much running. I don't get it - but if it makes you happy...

    Love the pottery, but LOVE the star pot. So fun! Hope you do more of that in the future!