Saturday, December 28, 2013

Move Along. Nothing to See Here.

 Hello, Beautiful Kittens.  I hope you had a wonderful December.  Apparently, there was a holiday or something recently. 

I was in North Carolina for the aforementioned holiday.  My mother forced us all to wear elf hats as we opened presents (on Xmas Eve, because I flew back home on Xmas morning).

I had a good Xmas.  I received some very nice gifts.  My parents helped to pay for my new spectacles and for another session of pottery class.  My brother and his GF gifted me with lots of colorful socks and a cookie press.  Plus some other things. 

And, once I got back to DC, I had a fantastic XXXmas with M.  In addition to copious amounts of teh hot buttsecks,we watched a lot of streaming movies on the Netflix, including The Hobbit, White Christmas, and Blackfish. Yeah.  It seems like we are in it for the long haul.  He gave me Apples to Apples (which, he reminded me, we played at a game night with Mike (Who Makes Cakes), who I ran into just the other day in the metro station after a work happy hour and I nearly introduced him to my co-worker as "Mike (Who Makes Cakes)") and an HDMI cable for my new DVD player.  Hmmm.  I need to hook that puppy up now.

What did I give M?  THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE! *ahem* Not really.  I gave him a beach trip (with me) sometime this summer.  And, if you know me, you know that the beach is not my favorite place ... the things I do for the people I love ...

How about another pic of me that shows off my cute new glasses (and my cute not-quite-as-new haircut)?

In other news (and perhaps this explains my lack of posting ... and the lack of a StickSteven 2013 Year in Review), work has been SuperCrazyAssBusy.  We had a major deadline on 12/15.  6 of my 7 teams made the deadline.  The 7th?  I don't know what happened.  Other than the fact that their previous facilitator did all their work for them.  And I don't play that way: Do your own work.  I will help you.  But, I don't have the time (or inclination) to do everything for you.  Also, work is severely short-staffed.  However, that should be remedied soon.  I hope.  This year, I will be assigned some new sites, including Detroit (near the SuperFantastic Cuzin and GayProf!) and Miami.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Powers That Be start letting us travel again because VUBOQ needs to visit Miami (as well as my other sites in Boston, San Francisco, and St. Louis).

Lessee.  Last night, I went to the Kennedy Center to see "Flashdance: The Musical."  It was SOOOOO much better than I expected.  Admittedly, I had very low expectations.  I had some minor quibbles, but it was super fun and the music was enjoyable.  I think a good time was had by all.  It was much better than "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Sister Act: The Musical."  Next week, we are seeing "Elf."  I have high hopes for that one, too.  We shall see.

I guess that's about it.  Eric from Baltimore is coming down in a little while.  Along with Tomokito, we are going to do a little post-Holiday Silver Spring bar crawl and food extravaganza.  Good times!

Have a great day!  *many huge smooches*

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  1. Hmm. Maybe you can do a Stick Steven Year and a Half Review. Looking cute in the glasses.
    Sounds like a nice Christmas, family, presents, streaming movies, etc.

    You are rocking that elf hat, by the way : ).